Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses...

…but I’m afraid the golden door leads straight to solitary confinement.

How can this happen here? What the hell is going on?

Gack! I’ve heard similar stories on NPR and it just sickens me.

That’s absolutely awful.

And even worse… I wasn’t terribly surprised.

This is heartbreaking:

INS reforms? I should say so!

That’s just disgusting.

Someone on Snopes pointed out that during WWI, the man who shot the Archduke Ferdinand, a Serbian named Gavrilo Princep was not executed, because he was 19 and the Kingdom of Serbia believed that no one under the age of 21 could be executed, because they were still legally a child, and it would be immoral to do so.

That was a small, Balkan monarchy in 1914. This is the United States of America, in 2002, and we arrest and detain and sometimes execute the mentally retarded.
Jesus wept.

I know I sound “cold-hearted” (especially to the close-minded)…but when I read another quote like, " he would be taken care of in America because ‘it is the land of freedom’ " I get more than a bit perturbed. I think it’s high-time we as a nation consider pulling the “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” poem right off the base of Lady Liberty. The fact is, that bronze plaque which was added to the base of the Statue of Liberty some 15 years after it’s unveiling in NY Harbor; written by poet Emma Lazarus wasn’t put there by popular decree in the first place.

“He would be taken care of in America” just keeps ringing in my ears. I’m not dead set against immigration, I just would rather read quotes like “I want to come to America to be an American, be afforded the individual freedoms so lacking in my native land, earn a living and contribute to the common good.”

To be realistic; it’s so totally unfair for the (IMHO; self-righteous, overly-) compassionate amongst us to expect the citizenry and taxpayers of this country to pay the freight for non-citizens to enter our shores and receive any type of assistance.

Where do you draw the line? Fact is, there are countless (dare, I say billions) of people on this planet who would be much better off living here off of our generosity then they would back home.
But if we let every tired and poor person on this planet to come to the USA, the needy would outweigh the “haves” in such a disproportionate number, society, as we know it would completely collapse. If we were to tally up all the poor, hungry, retarded, diseased, frail, elderly, persecuted and uneducated throughout the world that are in need of help and bring them here, we as a nation could neither afford the burden, or for that matter, have room for all of them. Would you suggest we bring in all the world’s poor in on years that end with 1, all the orphans on years that end with 2, etc., etc.?

I also question the “IQ is approximately 47…bottom 0.1%” claim made by the “bash-those-xenophobic Americans” at Reuters.
According to Trace, “an IQ between 40 and 54 and are trainable in educational skills and independence”

After I previewed my post, I kept asking myself “where’s your compassion & humanity?” But damnit, the logical right side drowned out the sentiments of my left brain and asked, “Where do you draw the line?”

Personally, I find it completely bereft of compassion to “draw the line” at political borders. People don’t deserve or not deserve a good lifestyle because they were born in the US or not. I realize some people disagree, but I feel just as a wealthy person has a moral obligation to give charity to the poor, so do wealthy nations.

Maybe that’s naive of me, but I guess I’m just a bleeding heart liberal through and through.