Give yourself a new name

You’re a new immigrant to a Western, primarily English-speaking country (USA, UK, Canada, etc.). In order to ease your assimilation into your new country, as your original name is utterly alien and generally mostly unpronounceable to your new countrymen, and also as a symbol of your fresh start in a new country, you decide to choose a new name.

What’s your choice? First and last name (and middle name if you like). (We’ll assume you’re not posting your IRL name.)

Do you go historical? Do you choose a common name? Celebrity name? Random objects? An even more unpronounceable name, just to be a dick?

I’d make up a name from objects in the room. Or much more likely go with Xyzt(Pronounced Bill) Smith.

John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt.

Hey! His name is my name too!!

Brock Toon.

I’d go with:

George Washington America

Crab Ragoo

And the reverse…When I moved to Mexico 8 years ago, I decided to have a more Latino sounding name. My American name was boring compared to the rhythmic names of here.
I chose Francisco Gonzalo (Gonzalo Guerro is one of my one of my heroes in Pre-Cortez times) Segovia Cardenes (Names of a family that adopted me) and then I added De la Selva, just because I could. So, it is Francisco Gonzalo Segovia Cardenes de la Selva. Sometimes I get asked what was my birth name. I just tell them that it is better that they don’t know because the FBI and CIA are looking for me.

Missed the opportunity to go with Jorge de la Selva!

I’d want to blend in to the crowd. So I’d just take the most common first name in the world and the most common last name in the world and combine them.

So I’d be Mohammad Wang, a typical name you see every day.

Steve Bennett!

Stanislav Thaddeus Aloysius Wojciehowicz.

Zautinsky, pronounced “Smith”.

(Anybody pick up the reference?)

Shirley U. Geste

Lois Carmen Denominator


Patsy Stone

Right, cheers…

Evangeline Moss.

Joe Stalin.

(Anybody pick up this reference?)

The best name I have heard for a while is an Aussie football player, Steel Sidebottom. Yep that’s my new name.

Of course my middle name would be Danger…

Steel Danger Sidebottom.

Rhiannon Eightfour Zerofour