"Given" name De Nyse. Meaning, origin?

Any one know the meaning or origin of the name De Nyse?

Pretentious creative spelling of “Denise”?

Dutch (as a surname) Surnames often get recycled as given names. I don’t know the meaning, though.

semi educated guess:

So it’s sort of a throwback to the root of Denis <- Dionysius <- Dionysos?

Female version of De Nephew, of course. Sorry, couldn’t resist, and in case you haven’t heard the old joke here’s a link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Jokes/comments/19v4i0/a_pregnant_woman_falls_into_a_coma/

That was my second thought. My first thought was “I want to give my kid an awful name.”

Father: Dow Jones

Dang. Ninja’d.

I rather like this, probably fictitious, story:

Computer programs can do strange things though: I used to work at The Alexandra Hospital - we used to get mail addressed to Ms Alexandra Hospital.

“Smith & Nephew” is an international health-care company. It was decades before I realized that it probably wasn’t started by two gentlemen called “Mr Smith” and “Mr Nephew”

Nas Daq might be a good hippity hop name.