Giving soup for Christmas

Since I’m currently unemployed, I’m making my gifts* (One thing I have is time, though not a whole lot of that left either!). I was thinking of making soup (zuppa toscattoa - potato sausage) but I can’t figure out the best way to do it.

Since I don’t have a pressure cooker, canning is out (don’t want to give them botulism!) So I guess my options are either freezing it or just putting the soup in containers and telling them to refrigerate and use it soon. Any other ideas? Or should I just give up on the idea (I do have other things)


*I’m actually doing OK financewise, but my siblings insist on me not spending $

That would work. If you’re going to do a family gathering with multiple recipients, and if you have a cooler, you could travel with the soup in the cooler and have people just grab their container before they leave.

Freeze it in ziplock bags and put it in the cooler. Tell them it’s fine if it thaws out on the way home as long as they toss it in the freezer once they get home.

You can buy inexpensive plastic containers that look nice and are for use in freezers and microwaves.

Put the soup in there, freeze it, then decorate wth a simple red ribbon around the container with a nice lable stuck on top with the contents and date (so they remember what it is when they decide to defrost it a few weeks/months from now.)

I think this is a great idea - especially if it is something the family likes, or is a family tradition. Perfect for that night you come home late and don’t feel like cooking and can just heat up a home cooked dinner!