glacial acetic acid vs. acetic acid?

anybody out there happen to know what the difference between these two is?

A Google search for the chemical formula of acetic acid turned up

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I’ll just leave it at this: the molecular structure of acetic acid does not vary according to the source.
And put that vinegar away, boys.

looks like i should rephrase ye ol’ question. glacial acetic acid is the most concentrated form of acetic acid (not quite 100% due to laws of distillation). this much i know. what i’m really wondering is why it’s called “glacial.”



Anhydrous (water-free) acetic acid is sometimes called glacial acetic acid because it solidifies just below room temperature, at 16.7°C. Acetic acid can be concentrated by dripping the impure compound over a “stalactite” of glacial (frozen) acetic acid. Pure acetic acid crystallizes, while impurities run off in the liquid.