Glad I kept call forwarding on my landline

The extra fee for call forwarding always annoys me. I’ve had the option for nearly fifteen years. I don’t even want to add up the extra cost. It’s several bucks a month.

Once in awhile it does come in handy. I gave my land line number to the appliance repairman. I’m off work and at home. But, I’m craving pizza. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I’ll press *72 and 10 digits local phone number and divert to my cell phone.

I’m free. Free at last. <happy feet dance>

Last step is the most important. *73 to turn off forwarding when I get home again. Otherwise I’ll get odd home phone calls that I’m not expecting on my cell.

Technology is so much fun… :smiley:

You may want to look into VOIP providers like Vonage or PhonePower. They send you a device that you plug your phone into and it works pretty much like a normal phone but the signal goes over the internet. The cost is way less than a traditional land line. Vonage is $25/mo and Phone Power is like $8 (if you get 2 years).

The advantage to VOIP is that they give you every calling feature for free. Call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way-calling, voicemail, ring multiple lines, etc., etc. This way you can have every feature and not feel bad about not using them.

I got curious and checked the phone bill. $6.99 for the privilege of call forwarding from AT&T. $83.88 a year.

times 15 years… 1,258.20

Then the bloody sods wonder why customers despise AT&T. Biggest bunch of vampires out there. They stick me $5.50 a month for an unlisted number too.

Ahh, but what you’re forgetting is the huge expense they have to go to every time someone de-lists their number.

All of the entries in the phone book after that name have to be moved up one. Not so bad if your name begins with “Z”, a lot of work if it begins with “A”.

They probably have to outsource the work overseas.