Glee: Your favorite singers

This isn’t a poll about who’s the best singer, but who is your favorite (For example: Finn is a perfectly valid choice, although Rachel is arguably the better singer).

Just pick one. If there are some that are neck and neck, or a very close second just talk about it in your post.

This would also be a good place to talk about some of the favorite numbers.


I picked Will as my favorite, although Artie is a really close second with Puck in third.

My favorite Will song is easily “One Less Bell to Answer” sung as a duet with April. My favorite Artie song, and second favorite song in the series is, “Dream a Little Dream.” For Puck it is “Beth.”

All of those songs I have listened many, many times so far.

Which one’s the one who is always smiling when she’s singing? Not her.

I’ve never seen this show—should I start watching it? I happened to stumble across an online article this afternoon about how the show has now produced the most Billboard 100 singles for a non-solo act. It included a link to a video showing one of the cast members singing I Want to Hold Your Hand in tribute to his deceased mother, which I found intriguing. I faithfully watch Idol every season—is Glee something that I would likely find interesting? I actually know so little about the show that I had to go read its wiki article as a primer.

I’d give it a shot. Sometimes the show makes me roll my eyes and not all the musical acts are hit out of the park but it keeps me entertained well enough (I’ve never missed an episode…)

This is the first song I talked about “House is not a home”

The second one: “Dream a little dream”

The last “Beth”

eta: A warning, don’t take the show too seriously. Recognize that they live in their own universe and move on.

Rachel’s solo performance of “Don’t Rain on my Parade” still sets the bar for the best one in the show’s short history.

I listen to that song on my iPod as I drive to school sometimes. It puts me in a, “Today is going to be a great day!” mood.

I voted for Kurt because his voice is the most (pleasantly) unusual. Matthew Morrison is good (though I wish he’d stop rapping) but he’s had years of training so I took him out as a ringer, and Rachel’s voice is beautiful but I can think of several singers who can do as well- she’s a bit Liza, a bit Barbra, a bit Patti Lupone, etc… Kurt has a unique sound- about as close as you’ll get to the castrati today I would think.

I’m on Team Kurt, although the only songs I’ve downloaded are “One Less Bell to Answer” and “A House is Not a Home.” I think Lea Michele has a terrific voice, but her style is too theatrical for me, and Amber Riley just won’t stick to the damn notes. Mark Salling has a nice natural style but isn’t all that much to write home about except he’s hot and Matthew Morrison is very good stop rapping!. I like Artie’s voice but the songs they’ve given him don’t give me enough of an idea to decide.



I love Will rapping, what can I say?

Start with one hundred Hail Marys and a public apology and we’ll go from there. :smiley:

Ohai, look’s who’s ahead in the poll spin!

That was the first show I saw. It’s made me tune in whenever I see Glee on TV. I’m not a huge fan of the show (the heavy workload forces a reliance on autotune which really grates on my ears), but there are a lot of gems in there. Rachel is fantastic, except when singing the quieter ballads. Her strength is her…strength. For all around talent, I think Mercedes would be my go-to.

How to choose? Nearly every one of them has had knockout songs. My favorite might still be Kurt & Rachel singing Gravity. That said, I don’t care much for Finn’s singing voice, and Puck’s doesn’t make me take notice.

Well she had the performance prepared since she was 4. What did you expect? :wink:

Of the cast regulars I would have to say Mercedes. Rachel sounds to me like she’s straining too much at times. Which is strange because she’s a broadway singer.

Idena Menzel doing Funny Girl was an absolute jaw dropper though. :eek: