Glen Campbell's Home in Agoura Hills has a recording studio.

My dream home is for sale. :wink: Gorgeous on the outside and that recording studio has me drooling. It was designed and built by Arthur Kelm, the vice president, general manager and chief engineer of Capitol Records.

Glen’s music for the documentary I’ll be Me was recorded there.

Anyone interested in buying me a house? :wink: I’m willing to relocate. LOL

The two different articles show two different listing prices: $960,000 and $920,000. Good luck on your purchase!

A home studio is cheapish and easy to build.

Watch out for Katy Perry.


New planning rules say you’ll have to shift it 45 degrees south-west, though. Alignment for the county.

A cool million, after fees?

I’ll shake out my couch cushions. Don’t call me. I’ll call you.

Turn-key is easier.

You…are on the list.

Holy crap. That place is very cheap. $960K would buy a 1500 sq ft house around me, no recording studio included.

Lots of big name musicians have studios - Dylan for one.

adds four skulls and three daggers for emphasis

I was surprised at the price too. 1500 sq feet and a 15 min drive from Malibu? I would assume 2 million without the studio. Totally a WAG. Makes me wonder if there’s a catch. Maybe some structural problems.

I’ve been studying two books on building a home studio. Filling the wall cavities with Roxul Safe ‘n’ Sound & Building the acoustic panels, is just the start. Acoustics is a special application of physics. There’s a lot to learn.

Glen’s studio was designed by a pro at Capital Records. I bet the acoustics can match any professional studio. Glen could afford pro recording gear.

My dream is a rehearsal studio. Soundproof so the neighbors won’t get upset. Maybe a basic recording setup. So band practice could be recorded and reviewed later.

FOD the neighbors.

1,938 feet as I read the articles (which really isn’t all that big a house, but Malibu!)

Not well.

A proper home studio where you can track drums requires a considerable amount of noise control - double walls, a “floating” floor, very high air volume HVAC, isolated power. Yes, you can do it on the cheap, but if you’re doing it in a residential area, a business area or anywhere other than way out in the country, you’re going to have to keep the noise of recording from disturbing the neighbors and vise-versa.

Yeah, anyone local able to fill the rest of us in on why this isn’t a great price for SoCal? Is it all location/location/location, and that 15 min from Malibu is actually 15 minutes further from LA and everything else?

[Khan] It is very…expensive… in space.

Here’s several listings in Agoura Hills. Similar price, but no recording studio.

That neighborhood has a early 1960’s feel. My childhood home was in a neighborhood like that. I love that style of architecture.

3967 United Road Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Street view confirms the house. I think it was a upper middle class neighborhood in the 1960’s.

1694 miles away from me. :wink:

3967 United Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

No two places in LA are only 15 minutes apart.

I can’t speak to this specific street or neighborhood, but it’s a good 45 minutes to an hour from anywhere in LA proper on a reasonably good day. And I wouldn’t call it 15 minutes from Malibu either.

I can speak to this general neighborhood.

First off, that place ain’t IN L.A.; it’s in Agoura Hills, which is a northwestern suburb of L.A. County. The fun part around here is that Highway 101 runs north and south from Orange County past San Francisco, but in this stretch of coastline it’s actually running east and west. So if you go off the 101 southbound and make a right turn so you’re heading perpendicular to the highway, you’re heading south.:confused:

Agoura Road and Liberty Canyon?
I used to work near Agoura & Kanan Road, the next ramp off THE 101 northbound.*
Liberty Canyon feeds into Las Virgenes which not only buzzes by the best% Hindu Temple I’ve seen in Southern California, but it’s the straightest of very few roads going from Highway 101 through the Santa Monica Mountain range and out to the Pacific Highway. TLDR? Yeah, it is only about 15 minutes to the ocean - even with moderate traffic@ - and Las Virgenes dumps out in the middle of the Malibu coastline.

If you just need a place to record what you’ve rehearsed, there’s a fully-equipped house for rent in Simi Valley. I believe the rent was something like $7K/month. However, the ads I was reading were pretty clear that the owner had no intention of selling; he just rented the place to different musicians/bands for a couple months at a time.

It seems that Lake Sherwood, Oak Park, Westlake Village, and Thousand Oaks are as popular as Agoura Hills for the sports stars and other rich entertainers who don’t want to live within the City of Los Angeles but don’t want to go as far as Montecito (Santa Barbara). You might find several homes with music studios built into them around here.

  • Sorry, there’s a thread around here that complains about people using “the” number for highways. I’m just doing that to trigger someone’s itch. :smiley:
    % Okay, so I’ve only seen two…:o
    @ …or even with heavy traffic if you’re, young, invincible, and riding a motorcycle…