Glenn Beck is losing his Fox audience

Not that he’ll be a pauper or not be able to thrall the illiterate masses elsewhere if he loses his job at Fox, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh, so being a successful conservative nut-job still comes down to “making the numbers” in the eyes of the “the man”? LOL :smiley:

I wonder if God will step in to save Glenn, or maybe Sarah Palin can save him instead.

Oh COME ON! That’s a NEW YORK TIMES article. The New York Times. The New York Times. You know those socialist liberal Nazis have been out to get Glenn all along, and that just proves it. I weep for my country. Time was when this country stood for something, yes, it stood for something, but now…

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I’m looking forward to seeing the gigantic chalkboard diagram showing the massive conspiracy that led to him getting shitcanned. That’s gonna be a work of art, I imagine.

Excuse me while I go buy stock in companies that sell chalk.

I hate that chalkboard. It’s a detriment to Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Looking at the comments for that story, it’s pretty depressing to see just how many defenders he has and just how seriously they take him. I mean there are people on there calling him a national treasure for crying out loud.

I used to work with and play paintball 20 years ago with this guy I had lost track of. For some reason a couple of weeks back his name popped into my head and I googled him. I find that he owns a consulting firm, and it has a bio page for him.

The page is covered with Glenn Beck nonsense. :eek:

Seriously? This is your professional corporate website and you’re spamming Glenn Beck quotes all over your bio?

Somehow I’m glad I lost track of him all those years back.

We can only hope that he is losing his audience because they are coming to their senses and not through natural attrition.

Maybe they all had to sell their TVs to buy gold?

He’s apparently gotten too woo-woo even for many of the fringe looneys.

Glen Beck is losing his shit, too. I guess that’s the same as losing his Fox audience.

I’m sure someone even dumber and crazier will come along to replace him soon.

Do you not believe there is an upper limit on acceptable craziness.

Well, you can only promise the Apocalypse for so long before you need to start delivering…

Has anyone given thought to the possibility that Beck is not crazy enough? Perhaps his replacement will be prone to even more outlandish crap, and be even more immune to common sense. Perhaps Beck’s refusal to join the Birther bandwagon is his undoing.

Think about it… He’s not crazy enough. It make sense.

Does Michael Savage want Glenn’s time slot?