Glenn Beck needs our help!

So Beck has announced that Fox isn’t renewing his contract. I think we should try to help him out with some job suggestions, as the boy’s resume is a bit spotty.

My suggestion: barking for the Yak Woman or spreading pixie dust at the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Butt-puller for a flame thrower.

He should brush up on his Spanish so that he can go to the parking lot of the nearest Home Depot at dawn to pick up some work there.

[del]I personally think he could go into Internet Radio (assuming he’s also losing his radio gig.) Adam Carola pulled it off pretty cheaply.[/del]

I think he’d make a good rodeo clown. Everyone always thought he was one, anyways.

He could make sure that wind farms stay in operation. All he’d have to do is blow hard.

Smearing feces on the monkey cage at the zoo.

Or perhaps, if that doesn’t pan out, running mate for Donald Trump.

Surely he has enough gold and survival supplies stocked up that he never needs to work again, if you call crazy ranting work.

Stay in the bunker, Glen! It’s dangerous out here.

I don’t really know who Glenn Beck is (ultra-right wing blowhard is my limited impression), but I came across this game on Sporcle. You have to guess if each quote is from Beck, Charlie Sheen or Colonel Gaddafi.

My second idea would be cleaning the birdshit out of cuckoo clocks. Or is that what he does now?

Receipt checker at Walmart, so that we can all still have a reason to hate him.

Testing parachutes that open on impact.

This idea, I like.

Correspondent on the Daily Show. The current ones have to act to seem like clueless morons. Glenn won’t have to.

I can’t support this quest to find Beck a new job unless he finally answers the questions people have been asking about whether he raped and murdered that girl in 1990.

I think he’d make a good Aflac duck.

Goalie for the local dart team