Gleyber Torres: Fantasy baseball

I"m in a keeper money league, 5X5 roto league using OBP rather than BA. I’ve got Gleyber Torres and he can be kept for 4 more years. Unfortunately, I"m in next to last place now and almost certain to finish out of the money this year. I also play fantasy football with the same group, there’s a lot of good natured teasing since I almost always finish in the money in football, but have had an abysmal record in baseball over the past few years, even though I follow baseball far more avidly than football.

I’m considering trading him, but only if I can get a very good deal. Should I try to see how much I can get as far as 2019 draft picks? Or, do you think he’s going to be such a fantasy stud that I should hold onto him and just accept my drubbing this season? I’m already about to punt the saves category and trade away one of my stud closers to get a decent 2019 draft pick.

Over the next few years, he could be anything from a Hall of Famer to back in the minors. No way to know.

You say your picks suck in baseball? Then go with your hunch, then do the opposite.

It may depend on the rules of your specific league. Do you have to keep a certain number of players? If you do, then you have to consider who your other potential keepers are. If you don’t, then I assume you pick up an extra draft pick - what round would that be in?

Of course, it depends more on how good Gleyber is going to be going forward. He could be the next Manny Machado; or he could be the next Andy Marte. I predict something in between.