Glitches in your own Personal Matrix

I have had my phone number for 11 years.

In 11 years I cannot for the life of me remember what the last digit is. Not all the ones before it, but the very last.

It’s either a 5 or a 9. As I write this, I cannot tell you which one, either.

I don’t know why I cannot recall this, but for whatever reason, everytime I have to give my number out, I stammer with a brainfart to recall the last number.


Thank you for reading my measured, reasoned rant.

Please rejoin your normal existance with greater sense of well being knowing you are not the emotional moran that I am.

I can recite the full credit card number of my current and previous cards but I consistently forget the expiry date.
Whenever I am asked for my phone number by someone within the Isle of Man (so the extention is not needed) I have to read the extension first in my head to ‘activate’ the memory of the phone number. Somehow the number isn’t stored on it’s own.
Oh and I forget the names of common household objects.

I knew a girl who often forgot household names. The best example was the day she looked at me and said,

“I need to buy one of those thingies…you know, with the pot. The thing that makes your coffee…”

“You mean a coffee maker?”

“That’s it! I need one of those.”

By then I was so used to her quirks that I didn’t even bother to look at her funny. Good anecdote though…

Ever since the advent of mobile phones, I have lost the ability to memorize phone numbers. My cell phone and home phone both end in some combination of 3, 6 and 5, or 9 or 4. Definitely not 7. I think.

I have lived in the same apartment for five years and I can still never remember the landlord’s address. The zip code is the only part I ever get right.

I guess I hate paying my rent that much.

I know my SO’s SSN, my own SSN, his birthdate, my birthdate, my three kid’s birthdates, lots of phone numbers, PINs, bank account numbers etc…

but I can never remember how old I am. I have to do the math, then get confused because my birthday is at the end of the year. :smack:

I can’t remember names.

I can remember all sorts of useless trivia, obscure numbers, and I can keep track of dozens of computer passwords in my head. But a name? Forget it. If I meet someone new, unless I write their name down there’s a good chance I won’t remember it at all. I have no problem remembering who people are, their face, etc. I just can’t put a name to it.

There was a relatively recent Dilbert cartoon about Dilbert not remembering someone’s name either, so maybe it’s a common trait among engineers (like bad spelling and caffein addiction).

I have the same problem. I can tell you what you were wearing or what was said when I met you 2 years ago. Just don’t ask me what you name was 30 minutes after I meet you.

And for some reason I can recite my wife’s SSN without thinking, but I have to look at my card if asked for mine.

I can’t remember whether the first name of my best friend for 25 years is spelt Jonathan or Jonathon. I have to check every time. Aside from that I’m an excellent speller, I just have a blank spot on that one word.