Glitter Butts

Not that I don’t mind shots of callipygian buttocks encrusted with colorful substances, but this seems more like coating the underbutt.

And it looks scratchy and uncomfortable. Just go back to painting them.

They look as though they sat on an unfortunately painted glitter bench.

“Callipygian” already includes the word for buttocks. A “callipygian buttock” would be a pretty-buttocked buttock.

“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

Go tell it to your ATM machine.

I can’t; I forgot my PIN number.

<looks around> I thought I heard my name.

I love that story “We must stop the dreadful scourge of glitter-butt. To explain why glitter-butt is so bad, here are a dozen pictures of the glitter-encrusted buttocks of nubile women, so you can understand just how bad this is. When I saw number 6 I burst into tears!”

They’re not fucking sitting in my car.

When I was twelve, my Sheltie ate an entire tube of glitter.

Her turds were extras in Twilight.

I sat through part of that movie. I’m pretty sure those turds were the leads.

Hah, I’m sure I saw glitter butts as early as 1982 in the anatomical magazines I used to study in my youth…

I don’t get it… “Inspired by the feeling of sand stuck on your butt”? Isn’t that, um, a bad feeling? I mean, I can see that some might consider it to look good, and some might even consider it to look good enough to be worth the discomfort, but how is the discomfort itself inspiring?

Well, I’m not complaining about the word, just about you. :wink: Um, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Nothing personal.

As my girlfriends keep telling me in a completely different context, it’s not redundant if you do it right. “Callipygian” refers to the lady, not to the buttocks. You say: “Oh my, that lovely young damsel is quite callipygian.” Although, I suppose that’s not how young people talk these days. What do they say? I guess it’s more like: “Check out that booty! Them bitches sure be callipygian, yo!”

But if they were fucking while crouching in your car, would that be acceptable? :stuck_out_tongue:

A few of those women look like they’ve got the taco shits after chowing down on a unicorn.

From the link in the OP:

I keep reading that as “cracks”.

It’s a bit try-hard.

My thoughts as well. The American obsession with giant asses on women is embarrassing.