Global Climate Change Denial (Funny)

I can’t take credit for this…found at the excellent Alicublog

Those of you who follow the “debate” regarding global climate change are probably familiar with Steven Hayward, the political commentator and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who has stauchly denied AGW and hyped the phony “climategate” scandal.

Here he is on Powerline in March of 2011, highlighting a talk by Berkley physicist Richard Mueller that questions much of the science behind AGW. Hayward’s analysis:

Mueller’s final review and analysis was featured this weekend in the New York Times. Mueller’s conclusion:

Heyward’s reaction (again, at Powerline; first parenthesis mine, second is Heyward’s):

Not sure if MPSIMS is the right place to continue this - I’d just created a GD threadon Muller’s Damascus Road moment