Global Warming, I think I have cracked it.

If all matter is indestructable then the earth must have weighed the same as it has always done since the dawn of time.
The only thing that would cause our mass to change would be when meteorites and stuff crash into our planet making us heavier or when we send heavy objects up into space making us lighter.
So I think that because we have posted so many satellites up in orbit, the earth has gotten lighter and the sun has pulled us slightly closer to itself in orbit, making our year slightly shorter and our planet slightly warmer.
So there you have it, moblie phones cause Global Warming.
And to think we used to blame it on dodgy fridges and frightened cows.

Does my theory hold any weight?

Nah. The weight of the satellites and other stuff we’ve sent into space is barely perceptible compared to the weight of the (or any) entire planet.

Sorta like the question, “Why does it get colder the higher the elevation? You’re getting closer to the sun, shouldn’t it get warmer?”

If the earth lost weight it would move faster, and to conserve it’s angular momentem, it would move farther from the sun.

The equation for the gravational interaction between two objects is: F = Gm1m2/d^2 If the total mass goes down the force binding the two objects decreases while its orbital speed stays the same.

I think. Hope someone that knows a little more physics will stop by and let me know if this is right.

In any event, TMSF is right, the difference is so trivial as to defy measurement.

TMSF is right: the weight of the satellites are negligible. But for the sake of argument:

The Earth wouldn’t exactly “lose” weight as the weight of the satellite does not just go poof whe it leaves the earth. It would just be going in a different direction or be in a different location.

If a volcano were to suddenly “spit” rocks into the far, far reaches of space, their affect on the earth’s orbit would be dependent upon the direction the volcano “spit.” If it happened around midnight, the earth would be put into a closer orbit relative to the sun; around noon, a farther orbit.

Now if the the rocks the volcano “spat” were to somehow get into earth orbit, there would be no affect on the average distance of the earth from the sun. As the rocks orbit on the far side of the earth relative to the sun, the earth would be closer to the sun. As the rocks orbit the near side, the earth would be farther from the sun. Thus, there would be a wobble in the earth’s orbit.

This is the conservation of momentum mumbo-jumbo. Note that at least in the orbiting case, the weight of the earth-spit system remains the same before and after the spit.

Lastly, the satelite that causes the greatest fluctuations to the earth’s obiting distance from the sun is the Moon.

So your saying that if indeed we were able to dump a lot of shit onto Mars, It would not come up and park alongside the earth??
Cos if not then why has Bush already paid me to build a bridge between earth and mars once he has weighted it down with unsold Will and Grace videos.
Someones wrong, and its not me.

Oh man. Let me introduce you to the laws of thermodynamics - in particular, the second law, having to do with entropy. Better yet, let me introduce you to my friend Jack.