GM, Chrysler, & DAN QUAYLE? Seriously?

I mean SERIOUSLY! Dan Qualye, the master of spelling potato, the wannabe JFK is the chairman of Cerberus Investments? Cerberus - the company that has been trying to strong-arm GM into taking over Chrysler - THAT Cerberus.

I guess I missed that memo somewhere along the way.

You missed in the linked article that the takeover group is Cerberus Capital Management LP. Quayle is chairman of Cerberus Global Investments, which is a subsidiary of the former. There’s no data suggesting he personally has any role in the talks at all. In fact, it appears the important people were keeping their mouths shut, and Quayle was the only one stupid enough to talk.

I guess that explains why I never heard his name in conjunction with all of this before. I was just in shock when I saw the article & missed that there was a partial disconnect between him & the deal.

As for the last comment, that pretty much fits my overall impression of him.

I’m sure at some point he will come out and spell Chrysler with a ‘K’.

I can hear Rick Wagoner now: “Chairman Quayle, I served with Lee Iaccoca , I knew Lee Iaccoca, Lee Iaccoca was a friend of mine. Chairman, you are no Lee Iaccoca.”

Kreisler? (Cue obligatory Syd Barron cartoon.) :slight_smile:

I predict “Kryslur”

Dan Quayle can’t run those companies any worse than they’re being run.

That’s a good point, but I shudder to think of them combined into one ginormous incompetent company, that will need a NEW bailout a week later.

I have no idea if Quayle is competent for his current position, but seriously, how about I follow you around with cameras and laugh my butt off every time you make some spelling or speaking mistake?

Knock yourself out. One of my brothers taught at the school the Quayle kids were enrolled in when Danny boy was VP. My brother described Quayle off-camera as a bigger tool than he was on-camera.