Go Ask Alice

Is this real? There’s many points were it seems fairly unbelievable. Anyone have any evidence either way?

Snopes says it’s a hoax.

I’ve never read it, myself.

If you’re talking about the purported diary of the teenage junkie and the subsequent made-for-TV movie, Snopes says “no.”

I’m actually relieved to discover its not real. Definitely an interesting read, but very depressing to think that it might me real.

Once again, Snopes offers a weak defense of their opinion on this one.

The precise authorship of Go Ask Alice is still a bit of a mystery. Beatrice Sparks is presented as its editor rather than its author, and one tantalizing mention in a 1998 New York Times book review indicates the book might have been the work of several people:

“still a bit of a mystery”, “might have been the work of several people”

Our best guess is that a number of folks work at churning out these cautionary tales, which are then presented to an overly accepting public as real diaries of anonymous teens.

“our best guess”

etc. etc. etc.

As usual, take Snopes opinion along with a large toke from the caterpillar’s hookah.