"Go eat a dick." "Ok, don't mind if I do."

A craigslist ad and a decent chunk of change would likely arouse several offers. Heck, if this catches on it could be just the stimulus the flaccid Japanese economy needed.

Most Japanophiles are that way because they assume the real Japan is like the one they’ve seen in anime. What Japanese people do in real life is pretty much irrelevant.

That said, there is some really screwed up anime. The question I think of when judging individual Japanophiles is whether or not they seem to recognize that such anime is screwed up.

Tell her you prefer Canadian :smiley:

Lady fingers?

One thing to consider, at least if done in relation to or in context of provocative art, is that it’s enough that people believe in it, even if the truth gets revealed later on.

The Straight Dope connection…


BYOB, I’m guessing.

You can buy animal parts, back in my meat eating days I tried bull and goat testicles. An odd cut that is.

I hate you! How dare you be so brilliant? :mad:

Well I think I’m going to go throw up forever now, bye

They really need to open a Fear Factor restaurant in Japan.

This reminds me of a case in Bangkok 11 years ago. A cleaning lady found a set of genitals wrapped in a bundle in a rubbish bin on the top platform of Siam Skytrain Station. (This was back when they still had rubbish bins on the platforms. Those were all removed in the wake of the New Year’s Eve 2006 bombings across the city, which were connected to the military coup earlier that year.) As far as I know, they never did find the owner. They’d been frozen, as well as surgically removed, not ripped off. Could very possibly have belonged to a sex-change patient, but why they got dumped there is a mystery.

I think the poor cleaning lady is still having to go through therapy. :smiley:

This reminds me of this photo that’s been floating around the Internet for a while now:

(Don’t worry, it’s humorous, not gross)

Human “rocky Mountain Oysters”!
Heck, its all protein.:wink:

The Perfect Master for once fails in the quest for perfect universal knowledge.

Probably tasted like Vienee sausage. (I know I spelled it wrong; that’s how we say it.)

He should have charged a king’s ransom for the family jewels.

From bouv’s link:
“Sugiyama had also intended to include his nipples on the menu, but his attempt to burn them off with sodium hydroxide did not result in anything usable.”

Anthony Boudain did a show in South America where he had dick soup. Apparently, it is a delicacy. It was humorous to watch him get bleeped as he was saying all the words for penis.

He also had fetus soup in the same episode. According to Bourdain, it was delicious.

I’ve actually seen frozen bull pizzle in at least one store here in Chicago. Testicles (labeled as “fries” here) are somewhat easier to find.

Was he eating balut (fetal duck or chicken egg) or something else? ETA: Oh, it’s a soup, so it’s not going to be that. Plus, it seems like it’s in South America. What kind of fetus was it?

In Japanese, the words for “cute” (かわいい, kawaii) and “scary” (こわい, kowai) are disturbingly close.

He said “hard on”.