What are your goals for 2010?

  1. Continue my weight loss (50 pounds in 2009!).
  2. Go to Las Vegas.
  3. Go to Disneyworld.
  4. Get a few steps closer to buying a house (the actual buying is my goal for 2011).

Had a pretty good year, so basically I’m hoping to continue. But let’s see (in no particular order):

  1. To enjoy the new toy car I recently bought (62 corvair), learning how to do what it takes to keep it in good shape and actually doing it;
  2. To continue playing upright bass (which I just picked up again a week ago after several decades off);
  3. To continue helping my kids successfully get through college and begin their post-college lives;
  4. To continue to build on what seems to have been a recent improvement in relations with my wife (curiously, we’ve been getting along better since our last kid went to college, making us wonder how much stress was related to child raising);
  5. To continue playing a lot of golf and hopefully improve my game a bit (which will be tough, as this past season I broke 80 for the 1st time in 3 decades);
  6. To keep working out to some extent to stay in roughly as good (or as bad!) shape as I currently am;
  7. And overall to just continue the recent trend of generally feeling happier, less judgmental, and more content.

Life is good.


What is the personal lowest golf score you can foresee in the coming year?


Find a woman.

/haven’t dated seriously since 2003

//God, I’m lonely

  1. to have fun
  2. to get back into consulting
  3. to set up shop properly as a translator, get the dissertation done and receive a fancy piece of paper saying MSc Translation
  4. to spoil the Nephews
  5. to pay off another chunk of my mortgage
  1. See more baseball games in person than I did last year.
  2. Go on a cruise, even if it’s a cheap, short cruise.
  3. Visit friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.
  4. Visit friends that I haven’t seen, ever.
  5. Focus on self-improvement in a variety of ways.
  6. Get back into bowling.

Avoid leaving DNA evidence.



Which is your favorite team?

I feel for you, brother–will definitely have a talk with God about this.


Nephew spoiling is one of my favorite pastimes, too.

  1. Lose more weight (I’ve lost 25 pounds this year).
  2. Start to exercise slowly.
  3. Find something new to volunteer at.
  4. Find a church home.
  5. Pay some bills off.

It’s not a hobby. In the words of a friend who’s also opted for Lateral Reproduction, “el deber de los padres consiste en criar bien a los hijos; el de los tíos, en malcriar a los sobrinos.” “'tis the duty of parents to raise their children properly; 'tis that of uncles to spoil nephews rot’n.”

Oh, and you can quote several people by using the button with the “+” sign, the one in the middle at the bottom of posts. Use the regular “quote” button for the last post you want to multiquote. You’re welcome. This doesn’t count as junior modding, does it? I’ve never been yelled at about it, so I think it doesn’t.

I’m a long-time Dodger fan. There are a few of us on the boards here.

  1. Get my MPP.
  2. Go to at least a couple countries I’ve never visited. (I know I’m going to the Philippines, so got one covered already.)
  3. Improve my Russian.
  4. Go to Bulgaria. We’ll see if I can swing it.
  5. Get a job omg.
  6. Not live in Michigan.
  1. Finish my CCNP certification (should be done by end of Feb)
  2. Buy my first house. (end of Feb, maybe mid March)
  3. Get a new job in another country (Would like Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Antartica)
  4. Pay off my first house. (I hate debt)

Not too many myself. Number 3 might even wait another year because I enjoy the job I have even if the pay isn’t what it should be.


  1. I hope to get enough business to pay my bills & taxes.
  2. I hope that neither one of my uninsured kids gets sick.

[li]Get into grad school[/li][li]Go to grad school, and take full advantages of the opporunties available to students[/li][li]Fix my French[/li][li]Travel[/li][/ol]