GOBLINS! Cause for concern?


Norweigan man fears the wrath of the Goblins & the Little People if he tears down old barn.

So, what supernatural beings are stopping your home repair projects, & does your SO buy the excuse? :slight_smile:

I understand that smurfs are right nasty to deal with.

I’m terrified that the Patron Saint of Grimy Floors would be pissed if I scrub my kitchen floor. He doesn’t mind a brief Swiffer now and then but I don’t want to “stir things up”, as it were.

So far, me and my roommates Myself and I are content with the arrangement.

Hey, man, don’t even joke about stuff like that. I had a friend once who didn’t heed the warnings of his family about the Latex Gnomes and decided to paint the walls of his home. He was found the next day face down in the paint tray with the paint roller … well, let’s just say he could have had fun painting the floor.

I am therefore loathe to paint my walls.

The carpet gremlins were so angry the last time that I tried to vacuum that they broke a fan belt inside of it and caused it to smoke and smell like it was on fire. I haven’t bought another vacuum yet for fear of upsetting the gremlins.

Yeah, carpet gremlins can be nasty too. That’s why I have hardwood flooring and no carpets.

I do have one heck of a problem with dust bunnies, though. The dust bunnies keep the mice down, but this comes at quite a cost. :: shudder ::

People, please.

This man isn’t lazy. He’s just a wimp. Any one with half a brain can get rid of Tomthte and the like.

My dustbunnies are cute and cuddly and they play with the cat, that’s why I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

I agree with DocCathode; if this guy REALLY wanted to tear down his barn, all he would need to do is invite a few Asatruar over, supply them with lots of mead, and leave them alone. They’ll either get rid of the wights or get drunk, pillage the farm, and burn down every building on it. Either way, problem solved.

We have a lot of trouble with our housecleaning gnomes. They’re supposed to take care of chores while we’re gone at work, but we keep coming home to unwashed dishes and clothes. Maybe they require some sort of offering?

One wonders what would happen if the Asatruar met some of the Wee Free Men…

Incidentally, the dust bunnies under my bed are conspiring.

I asked my Domoyev if he was conspiring against me. He said nyet. He does however insist that he will kill me if I ever again give him American vodka.

I learned the hard way that land wights don’t like Boone’s Farm. I like to never got my car out of that sinkhole.

The Underwear Gnomes won’t let me clean the catbox… does that count?

Goblins? Aren’t they the puniest humanoids around? It’s not like they’re Hobgoblins. One good hit with a +2 mace ought to do it.

No, kobolds are the wimpiest.

But, he never said goblins. He probably said tomte, or something else from the Viking campaign book.


not huldefolk, or dvirge, or mahaset.

<Obligatory Carlin Reference>

Saved by An Angel, feh. Where the !^¢# does this crap come from? I’ll tell you where . . . all the drugs, snorted, smoked, injected, and absorbed rectally over the years will get you some !^¢#in’ angels, my friend.

What about goblins, huh? Why doesn’t anybody ever see goblins?

The taniwha in the central heating system gurgles and bubbles now and then. My wife says that it is air in the radiator, but I know better.

I’m not opening any air valves without checking first - the taniwha could suck me back in to the radiator, like that. I’ll get one of the kids to listen to the downstair radiator; when they hear the taniwha, I’ll do the upstairs - that way, I’ll be safe. But I’ll have to be quick.


A Clurichaun keep stealing all my beer and wine … I’m sure that’s why my house is always such a mess and my dog is so tired. But I don’t dare confront him because he’s a mean wee drunk.
But goblins, yeah, those should be easy to get rid of. Let’s see … I think you cut a hole in the ice and then leave some peas by the hole. When the goblin comes to take a pea you kick him in the icehole!
:smack: Or is that how you get rid of polar bears?

It doesn’t stop with goblins. Several people were scared to death by fairies in the 17th century

BBC link

It’s about time someone did something about these folklorific pests!