God and aliens

Imagine aliens came to our planet and began a dialogue with our species. Eventually the question of religion would surface. Someone asks: Is there a God? I can basically imagine five answers they could give:

-Yes, the Christians have it right.
-Yes, but it’s not the God of Christianity.
-Yes, we’re it.
-Yes, it is GXZWQAY,
The-Great-One-Who-Plays-Bowling-With-the-Stars (i.e. they don’t belong to any human religion).

Of course, they could say that they don’t know but that doesn’t get us anywhere. My question is, how would that affect your belief or your actions? Let’s assume the aliens don’t especially care what you believe so there’s no answer that’ll kill you.

Please consider each case.

How about if they answer “A what?”

My biggest question would be if they could provide objective evidence for their belief in the existence (or non-) of a god.

If not, then I will file their opinion away with the opinions of every other person who ever thought about the subject and continue to keep my own counsel.

Just because they are aliens does not give any greater credence to their ideas, only a possible different viewpoint.

In short, unless they have proof one way or the other, my beliefs will not change.

Dr. Fidelius, Charlatan
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I agree with DrFidelius on this. Why would they have religion and if they did, what would I care :slight_smile:

I also agree with DrF – if they don’t have any more objective evidence than claimants here on Earth have, why should I listen to 'em?

I think that whatever the aliens said, my reply would be “Prove it!”

That would depend on whether they had a plasma blaster pointed at me or not (or if they were brandishing an anal probe). Otherwise like others claims from people who can travel great distances are not much more (but maybe slightly) valid than any other claims.

It’s bernard, just under new management

::Alien consults English/Gxxchuijn dictionary in vain::

“I don’t know the word. Please define “God” and then I tell you if we have similar theory.”

You prevaricate: “Here, just tune in to American TV and radio for a while and pick up on references to God”

::short time later::

“OH, you mean like Gxxchuijn’s Witnesses? You have those TOO??”

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My only worry is that if they landed and asked if we worshipped Glixnix and we answered ‘No!’, they would call us soulless heathens and obliterate us. Of course they might obliterate us out of self defense. If we asked if the worshipped Jesus and they answered ‘Jesus who?’, then the christians would call them soulless heathens an attempt to massacre the aliens.

I really don’t care what the aliens beleive as long as it doesn’t involve murdering me or enslaving me. My worry is what will the religious leaders of the world do.

It would affect my beliefs not at all, because my beliefs are based on what my ancestors have handed down to me through the generations. Plenty of Earthly religions don’t believe it, and that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to; aliens are no different.

Chaim Mattis Keller

“Sherlock Holmes once said that once you have eliminated the
impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be
the answer. I, however, do not like to eliminate the impossible.
The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it that the merely improbable lacks.”
– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

Is this possible? A religion question and we are unanimous?

Who says miracles can’t happen! :slight_smile:

Very interesting. I have considered each case because i find the question intriguing.

I must confess, however, that none of their responses would change my outlook. This may imply a lack of imagination on my part, but the preceding posts show that I’m in good company.

I would, however, be very interested in their chain of reasoning.

That’s where the fascination lies.

You are unique - Just like everyone else.

My reasoning - Part 1:

Anybody who points a plasma blaster in my direction will have my unwavering support for their claims (until I get the blaster away from them).

My reasoning - Part 2:

Scientific knowledge (the ability to cover interstellar distances) doesn’t necessarily (i.e. without proof) equate to higher morals or religious beliefs.

To look at in reverse, why should advanced scientific knowledge equate to a higher understanding of the supernatural or morals?
In that regard, we westerners certainly have better morals and understanding of the supernatural than a tribesmen in Africa (or the deep amazon). If I tell him that Thor is real he should believe me because I could fly to his country. No doubt I could put on a display of technological marvels that would awe them into believing me but that doesn’t make what I say true.

This is in some ways what missionaries do (no offense intended, and I realize I am stretching a little bit in some people’s view). Alien missionaries wouldn’t necessarily (i.e. without proof) be more accurate than modern day missionaries.

It’s bernard, just under new management

Imagine case number one: first contact with the aliens and they claim to be Christian. They come from the other side of the Galaxy and have exactly the same belief system. Wouldn’t Christians argue that this is “the proof” you’ve all been looking for? Denying it would seem a little stubborn, no? The very fact that such aliens exist and have that belief should give you pause at least.

Now change the word Christian for Buddhist. Does that change your feeling about the question?

Only humans do inhuman things.

I would just love to hear about their history, and where it parallels. I would also love to learn of their evolution, a second set of beliefs that developed independently would give great insights into the evolution of thinking beings. Or are you saying that they had a God who came to teach us and was sacrificed? Like Prometheus? Maybe their “Europeans” were able to win their “Crusades” and in a similar manner wiped out the adherents of all other faiths. Not exactly the type of people I would want to open trade relations with; without practice in being tolerant of different philosophies they would probably announce a Crusade against the majority of Earth’s inhabitants. Anyway, with the profusion of Christian sects we have here, the chance that an interstellar Christian would have beliefs that mirror any one sect is vanishingly small. Therefore, our Star-Brothers in Christ would be heretics in the eyes of most, if not all, Christians.

If they professed Buddhist nature, that would be equally as fascinating. I wonder if they would see the concept of “gods” as being a primitive stage of intellectual and spiritual growth, as our Buddhists do.

Dr. Fidelius, Charlatan
Associate Curator Anomalous Paleontology, Miskatonic University
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur

danielnsmith wrote:

No way, that’s too far-fetched.

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

Here’s another thought.

If the aliens profess a faith that is identical to Christianity, then it is obvious that they are really emissaries of Satan, sent here to mock and test the faith of all devout Moslems. A jihad would be justified.

Damn. I should have thought of that!

Very sharp, DrFidelius.

You are unique - Just like everyone else.

Keeves said:

Answering that would wreck the unanimity! :wink:

Dr. Fidelius, here’s one even you haven’t thought of: What if ARG220 is really an alien here to test us? :wink:

Funny you should ask. I had this very conversation with some moon men just the other day. It went something like this:

“Is there a god?”
“Yes. God created us. BleXnork here, however, created you. Now bend over.”

As usual, G.K. CHesterton had something pertinent to say about God and other worlds:

“Reason and justice grip the remotest and loneliest star. Look at those stars. Don’t they look as though they were diamonds or sapphires? Well, you can imagine any mad botany or geology you please. Think of forests of adamants with leaves of brilliants. Think the moon is a blue moon, a single elephantine sapphire. But don’t fancy that all that frantic astronomy would make the smallest difference to the reason and justice of conduct. On plains of opal, under cliffs cut out of pearl, you would still find a notice-board: ‘Thou shalt not steal.’”

Meaning that the existence of intelligent beings on other planets can’t possibly confirm or refute the truth of what we already believe. If the teachings of Christianity (or Islam, or Judaism, or any other religion) are valid on our world, they’re equally binding on Klingons and Romulans and Cardassians.