God and Life

I read a lot of debates around here between theists and non-theists, but there is one topic I really haven’t seen discussed much. I suppose it’s more of a pantheistic belief, but it is certainly one I lean toward. Here goes…

A little spirituality for today, courtesy of Neale Donald Walsh. Do you believe in life? Are you alive whether you believe in life or not? Does it really matter whether or not you believe in life? An interesting read.


Then the word “God” becomes meaningless in any other sense than as a synonym for “life.”

God Insurance.
Lifedamn it!
God without parole.
Hitler! (Damn, Lifewin’d the thread.)
Godsavers candy.
Are You There, Life? It’s Me, Margaret.
God of the party.

ETA: I see that is a quote from a book, not your own thoughts, so I don’t have to worry about it being considered a personal attack to call it a gigantic steaming pile of worthless bullshit from an addlepated simpleton.

I wouldn’t go so far as “gigantic steaming pile” but yes, it is the opinion of the author of the books, Conversations With God. I quite like his approach to religious thought and it helps me make a lot of sense of the religious divisiveness I see in the world. Do you believe in Life? Does it matter whether or not you worship Life? Are you sill alive even if you don’t accept Life as your personal saviour? I think there is much more to this idea than you’re giving credit for. So far.

I think that both that excerpt and this comment are 100% pure deepity.

Well then, thank you for your contribution. I learned a new word today.

I’m too busy wondering if the atoms in my hand are miniature galaxies filled with people staring at their hands and wondering…

To settle this matter, the words “God” and “life” happen not to be interchangeable according to any/every dictionary.

edited to add: And another thank you for the “deepity” link.

What do these things mean?

That someone is really bad at Mad-Libs?

If life is God, then a lot of religious people claim that God created God, and that God offers eternal God to those who reach the aftergod.

God, God is confusing. FMG anyway.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, God is but dream.

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God finds a way.

Walsh’s questions and thoughts, when read much more carefully than he seems to have intended, actually form a pretty nice takedown of all religions in general.

I take it to mean if we regard God as a life force instead of a human being we created in our own image (with all the personal baggage that entails), then our need to do the things religions typically require, like worship, disappear. Just keep on living life and enjoying it. Makes a lot of sense to me.

Truer than you might realize.

It’s an excerpt from a much longer book, but thanks for your input.

I agree. It may seem simplistic on the surface, but it explains a lot without all of the semantic shoving matches that often ensue in religious discussions.

For profound sounding phrases I prefer “God is a verb”. I didn’t like it well enough to buy the book, though. And I think the phrase is older than the book.

You mean, he IS actually an atheist who’s posing as a religious writer to get his point across? I’m not familiar with him but it’s the impression I got from what you posted.

Counterpoint: what if the words “God” and “Wankel Rotary Engine” are interchangeable? Wouldn’t that make working on a late '60s Mazda a religious service?