God as an engineer

God as an engineer.

Here we sit on this chaotic orb spinning through space and going nowhere. Around us we see incredible variations and strange adaptations in the natural world.

It resembles nothing so much as chaos. Engineering teaches us that the best solution is simple, eloquent if you will. The earth shows no such simplicity and elegance of design.

But let us just take man. To many He is god’s crowning achievement, the apex of all the life forms on earth. Is it possible that this is a created being that was created by an all powerful omniscient god? Could we be the work of a superior, but ungodlike engineer? To put is simply. Could this flatulating, sweating, urinating defecating foul breathed creature be the result of, if not godlike intelligence, at least some sort of intelligence?

The above surely implies that we are not the apex of the perfect machine. The effects of the operating system, if not the system itself, leaves a lot to be desired. If today someone applied for a patent on the human body it would surely be denied solely due to the amount of pollution it creates.

Let us go on the mechanics of the operation.

We walk upright. This is an inherently unstable position making us top heavy and the simple act of keeping us upright requires a lot of computing power that would better be used for something else.

While we have two hands, arms legs etc. one of each pair is inferior. The whole idea of “handedness” reeks of engineering stupidity or incompetence. There appears to be no reason for this except for the hated idea of imperfect evolution and chance.

What engineer would produce a machine that is required to be shut down, useless, for a full third of it’s existence?

What engineer would produce a machine that is so easily damaged with parts cannot be replaced?

Why are we placed at the mercy of so many of earth’s inhabitants, from the smallest virus to the largest predators? Whatever success we have had against both has had less to do with the original design and more to do with getting around that design.

Then there is the whole drama of reproduction. What on earth were they thinking? A reproductive system that is notonly disruptive to our lives but actually endangers us, females in perticular.

And lastly the final indignity, we cannot even breed true. The system of reproduction allows errors, many many errors, in the form of birth defects (millions of them) and mutations that are overwhelmingly to our detriment rather than to uur advantage. For good or bad, and they are mostly bad, they are random; nothing planned about it. We are left depending on the roll of the dice.

Sound like engineering, even bad engineering, to you? If this is the best God can do then the phrase “God help us” is as futile as it is false.

Darwin answered most of these questions, over 150 years ago.

God is omnipotent. But he has an IQ of 85.

Oh, I dunno. Probably god could be a civil engineer, because just look at the groin. Only a civil engineer would put a playground right next to a toxic waste dump.

Shiro Nakamura?

Why does God need to be an engineer?

What I’ve always wondered is why we need to work mechanically or according to the laws of science if God made us. If he just wished us into being why aren’t we like Gumby on the inside.

God laughs at the job title Engineer.
What engineer could develop a living, breathing, thinking, conscious life form capable of love and empathy? Such life form also having the ability to, coupled with an entirely seperate and distinct other living being, (lets see robots do this…) produce more of said life forms. And each generation, with no engineering meddling, evolve and grow, one generation after the next?
And thats only on this planet.

So he can build his own starship, of course.

“I canna change the laws of physics!”

“Uhhhh, actually you can, Chief Engineer Jehovah.”

So you think he did a better job on other planets?

I commanded thee not to call me that!

I have to disagree. Simplicity is where you start; and when you add on to that initial, simple design, you try to do it simply and elegantly. But eventually, it’s going to be pretty chaotic no matter how careful you were, only because of the amount of complexity inherent in the system. It creates false noise - lots of information presented at once tends to seem chaotic, even if it’s extremely elegant - such as computer code.

The elegance and simplicity is in the details. When our bodies overheat, we need some ability to remove excess heat in a quick way. There are plenty of ways you could do it in theory, but when you were a kid and you wanted to cool off, you went and played in the sprinkler. You get wet, and the water increases your surface area, venting away heat. Sweating is the same thing, except we’re not dependent on being near a source of water; we use our internal reservoirs.

Let us go on the mechanics of the operation.

It also allows us to walk more energy efficiently, since a lot of our momentum is a result of our instability being redirected in a controlled fashion. It allows us to reach higher than quadrupeds who may compete for the same resources. And how much is “a lot” of computing power? Our balance is controlled by the subconscious mind, freeing our conscious mind up for active tasks. That’s pretty energy efficient; it’s like we have (at least) dual-core processors.

Part of the autonomic nervous system to allow us efficiency in action. We lead with one leg subconsciously so we don’t have to think about which leg to move first. It sounds simple, even stupid, and it is. But it’s also a real issue. We reach with one arm, one hand, so we won’t sit there for a second and wonder which hand to use to grab the stick with to poke that tiger in the eye.

Self-repair is one of the big ticket items in engineering. If you can build a machine that repairs itself when it experiences an issue, you’ll hardly ever need parts anyway. If the injury is severe enough, and the injury cannot be repaired before tissue death occurs, that’s like a self-repairing car’s engine exploding. Both instances require energy input from external sources to repair the damage - except in our situation, we don’t always have access to sufficient amounts of energy. In fact, we rarely do, if ever. We’re much more complicated than starfish.

The existence of parts is testament to our own inability to create self-sustaining machinery. It constantly requires outside interference to work properly. Not so with the biological machine.

Besides, I fail to see how useful it would be to bronze age man to have a divine hand-tree if he doesn’t have the technical know-how necessary to replace his missing hand.

Because the smallest virus and largest predator are also undergoing streamlining and efficiency testing. Sometimes the most efficient way to fix a machine is to simply replace it with another design; and that leads the other objects in the system to rework their designs to compensate.

How else would it work? We’re constructing a very, very complex machine through reproduction, it takes time, even when we’re working round-the-clock on it. About 9 months’ time. We have to keep it somewhere while we’re working on it, and our design has chosen to retain our mobility while constructing it. This avoids problems from itinerant predators and scavengers happening upon such a huge expenditure of our energy. It is inefficient to leave such vast stores of energy somewhere, at the mercy of circumstance.

Our imperfect reproduction is the most elegant, perfect system possible to fulfill its need. I’m in love with imperfect DNA transcription - it’s so simple, and yet so effective. With true reproduction, one imperfection leads to many. Millions of copies of Windows are vulnerable to the same attacks. If, however, each copy were a little different, and even had the ability to dynamically adapt to viruses without our input, our computer systems would be nearly impervious to large-scale damage. We need imperfect transcription to protect us from those other competing life-forms mentioned earlier.
If God is an engineer, in my estimation we have a lot to learn before we can even hope to match his forethought.

But maybe I’m a little biased. Biomimetics is one of my passions in life. Try thinking of a way to design something better - not a whole person, take just a nerve, or a mechanical hand that’s functionally identical, and design a way we could replace them for amputees - and you’ll quickly realize just how elegant our design really is. Even if you had the perfect copy, like in Star Wars, it’s susceptible to the slightest injury. If you drag it along the road in a car accident, it can’t recover. If you gave it enough armor to protect it, it would weigh more than a natural hand. If you broke a synthetic bone, it would require replacement, because it doesn’t have osteoblasts. That’s the magic of life - it’s self sustaining.

We make machines based on what we can construct, which makes them stiff, usually made of solids, but that does not mean that there are not different and perhaps better ways to make something. And making a bio-machine allows self repair which seems like a hand thing until we are able to design R2D2

The amazing thing is we, in this state, can still be Loved and cared for - that to me shows the design and plan of God. No matter what our physical issues are we are still able to be Loved because of who we are inside.

Somebody has to repair the tanks.

Biometrics is your passion? Who would have guessed? It seems to be such a passion that you cannot get beyond it.

Your whole post is a defense of the way things are, not being able to imagine anything different

If we are talking about being created by an all powerful, omniscient God that can do anything then our design sucks. You talk about the weight of armor to protect a hand. NO problem! Remember God can do anything, create whatever is needed with physical properties being of no matter.

We say that he had the power to create a universe and then balk at the power to have given humans a better body.

WE look at the world, a world based on cruelty and chance. Dog eat dog. Survival of the fittest without ever asking why some should be unfit to begin with.
Is this the best a designer, and omnipotent designer, could do? Worse yet he stands by as his rather flawed creation slaughters itself. The slaughter being inherent in the design.

They say God gave us free will. If so he also gave us the mental outlook that causes so much pain and destruction.

God must be a sadist.

If God is really an engineer, how many ducks do you think sank before he realized he needed to make their butts watertight?

I thought he was copilot.

Is god an engineer? Only if he bought his B.Sc from the internet!

I thought God was a DJ.