God damn it, ROY!

Just what the hell did you do before the fucking hockey game, Patrick Roy?

Did you smoke a big-ass bowl before strapping on your pads tonight?

Just couldn’t pass up that fat bag of crack before stepping on the ice tonight?

Extacy! That’s it! You were rollin’ when you allowed those 6 shots!

Good God that hurts. And I watched the whole thing in a bar with no sound.
It’s ok guys. I still love the Avs. You’ll knock off those dirty commies next year.


oh, and it’s also your fault that my girlfriend called me in the middle of the first period and said “Damn…sucks to like Colorado, huh?”

Now she and her father are going to gloat over the misfortune of a great team.


I was so mad before that I forgot my sig!

Preach it!

I must hand it to Colorado, they’ve made this series one of the best I’ve ever seen. I wish these two could meet in the Cup finals.

It don’t matter. It don’t matter at all.
It’s the 'canes year.
It don’t matter!

Well, I’d say that the Detroit vs. Colorado was the de facto Stanley Cup Final. As much as I’d like to see Carolina win it all (because Ron Francis is such a classy guy, and it’s a shame he didn’t finish his career with the Pens…one of the VERY few former players who still gets a very positive reaction here!), I realistically don’t see them having much of a chance against Detroit.

I resisted the urge to start a thread for fear of gloating but since someone else did I will participate.
HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tee it up boys, see you on the links.

Hey Avs fans… if the Red Wings suck, then what does that say about your team? DO you know how stupid you guys sound when you chant that? Especially when you ren’t playing the Wings.

I guess Woody Paige was right… we are the greatest team ever assembled in the history of hockey if we smoked your asses.

Roy committed the biggest choke job in the history of playoffs. The alleged greatest goalie ever gives up the biggest ass whooping ever in a game 7. When you consider his history and reputation, the importance of this game, and how much he sucked tonight, it has to go down as the biggest choke job. One or two goals is acceptable, it’s hockey, those things happen. 4 goals on 8 shots.

Roy just choked. He’s had a great career in the playoffs, especially 1993, but this one brings him down a few notches.

I fully expected a close game and honestly was content with making it to game 7 agasint the defending champs.
Too bad you had the sound down. YOu missed the sound guy playing “Runaway” after Patrick left the game: “Wa wa wa… she ran away” You also missed the crowd chanting “We want Roy! We want Roy!” Wings fans come up with better chants than “Red Wings Suck”

The Avs really have the Wings to thank for getting Roy in the first place. We smoked him in his last game for Montreal and they left him out to dry, he vowed never to play for them again.

4 goals on 8 shots?

Dirty Commies? Where the fuck do you think Darius Kasparaitis from?


I actually felt bad for Roy.

I believe that is a sign of the Apocalypse.

P.S. As I’ve posted elsewhere, all this talk that the Wings will now win in a cakewalk is completely wrong. New England Patriots ring a bell?

Wings in 6 tough games.


I would, on behalf of Colorado Avalanche fans, to respectfully retract the statement that the Red Wings Suck. In favor, the more appropriate phrase shall now be, “Oblong Sucks.”

That’s fine. You’ve shown your lack of originality in the past and your inferiority complex towards the Red Wings, this is no different.

Stanley Cup party at my house on Tuesday.

Obtuse, you just don’t know when to quit, do you?

Yep. The 'Canes are going to be run over. Yep. You heard me. Run over. I’d put money on there being 5+ goals for Detroit in the first game alone. Run over. No chance. None.

No team out there now can even compete with the Wings except the 'Lanche and that seriew is over.

The Wings have something that the Canes and even the 'Lanche can’t counter.

4 Lines.

That is a huge advantage. 4 fresh lines vs. the 2 or 3 that other teams have.

The cup playoffs aren’t going to be any fun compared to the Wings/'Lanche series.

It rocked.

Hey, if we lost I’d be down, so when we win, I’m on a high.

This was a great hockey series. Deep down I wish game 7 were a better game, 1-0, 2-1, maybe OT. The Avs and Wings are the cream of the NHL. Everyone else is a notch below.