God-DAMN! My paycheck is fucked up AGAIN!

Christ, Otto, your posts take me back to working in the call center in a big way. You could have been in my exact center by the way you describe it. I’ve been out for three months - and I took a pay cut to do it - but it was the right decision. (In the end, bonuses have made up the difference.) I found a nice, small company to work for, they respect me and treat me like a human being. Call centers, for the most part, really suck.

Does Wisconsin have an attorney general?

Oh, wait! Yes, it does! I bet they even take complaints.

Assuming you want a fix, that is.

Is it a gay bank?

MY brother’s first job was as treasurer of a pretty complicated corporate group. 14 corporations, plus “UTEs” (temporary corporations, created as an alliance of two companies in order to do a certain public work). Usually that put the total somewhere in 40-50 companies.

Part of Bro’s job was to juggle all the credit lines, bank accounts and deposits, to get the best interests and pay the lowest interests/commisions while still having money on time for any payment. His boss was a drug addict with severe mood swings who took care of her mother and grandmother and who would often not get into the office until 1pm and at 5 wonder “where did the day go?”; she was also the main partner (56% of the company was hers, her mother’s or her grandmother’s). Other than the drug and moods problems, she was actually a pretty good boss.

One day the juggling was particularly complicated and another partner proposed paying after the 10th of the month. Bro’s boss stared at him, saw he was serious and said “I’m the one who shoots up, but you’re the one whose brain is fried. No fucking way and don’t bother open your mouth unless you have an actual proposal.”

Not if I don’t want my tires slashed and pee in my coffee. :wink:

Ouch, Otto, you definitely have my sympathies. But may I borrow your thread to add a message to my co-workers? Thanks.

I’m filling in temporarily as payroll admin (even though I’m a manager and not an admin. assistant) until we can hire a new admin. assistant. My bitch is this: You people are all technical staff, and pretty damned intelligent. So you should realize this: If you want to be paid, and paid correctly, people, don’t forget to submit your timesheet, and fill it in correctly in the first damned place! If you can’t be responsible enough to submit your time, why the hell should I have to nag you to submit it. And can you actually look at your calendar before submitting it and realize we had a holiday this pay period? Gah! Payroll this two-week period was a frickin’ nightmare! I’ve never had so many people screw up their timesheets, and because I truly care about getting it right, and making sure everyone gets paid correctly, it’s a LOT of work for me to correct all your screw-ups. Get it right, people, and get it in on time!

I’m so glad you now understand what a bitch it can be to be a payroll administrator. My wife administrates the payroll for a local big box store and to listen to her, she spends half her time making corrections. Employees don’t seem to realize that if you fail to punch in properly or properly fill out a time sheet, they’ll find out about it on payday.

When I was a project manager on a heavy construction site, almost every day I got questioned by the payroll clerk as to whether several employees worked that day. We had to wait till coffee time for the foremen to come in so we could dispatch them back to their crew and secure time sheets. What a waste of fucking time. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to tell the clerk “No time sheet then no pay”. But I was well aware how things would fuck up with all the retroactive administration.

Their motto: don’t pull it out too soon. You’ll lose interest.

Just for hilarity’s sake, I have to tell you that payroll at my last place direct deposited another pay period in my account last Friday - a pay period I didn’t work for them. I called and turned myself in. Yeah, of course I wanna keep it but they’d eventually figure it out at the end of the month and then take it back. Then I’d bounce checks all over the place, etc. Man, how does incompetence like that survive??

Oh, I already knew, because I was the one who had to help the payroll admin unscrew the messes made by people submitting their time wrong in the first place. Plus, she always seemed to get confused about paying shift differential, so I had to figure that out, too.

Oh, and forgive the double-post, but I also would love to take the hard line about no timesheet, no pay-day, but probably never really would. But inadvertantly, I missed that one of the biggest offenders didn’t do his one week, so he got a paycheck for one week, instead of for two. Whoops. Bet he doesn’t forget again! (I felt really bad for him, but really, dude, I’m not your mother. When you know damned well you are supposed to submit your online timesheet on Thursday afternoon and you don’t do it until Monday, what the hell do you expect to happen?)

Just for giggles, can anyone tell me if/when I’m legally required to give the extra paycheck back to my employer? They want me to mail them a check.

Yes you have to return the money, but I’d consider closing your checking account and opening a new one. If they have the account number there’s nothing to stop them from going into your account and pulling the money out. Even after you’ve already repaid it.

No word yet on a fix. I need to talk to my boss about it tomorrow. I should’ve talked to her about it today because the latest round of time sheets were due but I did mine yesterday when she wasn’t there and I didn’t think about it.

In happier news, we are all getting gift cards as end-of-year bonuses and I found out the amount today. I was expecting some piddling amount but it’s actually in the hundreds of dollars. People are grumbling because it’s less than last year, but I didn’t work there last year and, hey, free money. Supposedly those will be coming Friday which is when the short paychecks will also be coming so if that’s the case the blow will be softened somewhat.

Otto, I’m glad you’re getting your bonuses! They still have to be counted as income at tax time, I think.
I’m sending them a check b/c they would have to pay a transaction fee to their payroll company to debit my account, and YES, they are that cheap. I’m mailing it certified for a signature, but it will be an amount less the costs to mail the damn thing.

Yeah, probably.

I had to mail a check to my company last year when they inadvertently paid me a referral bonus I wasn’t entitled to (nor was expecting… hadn’t looked at my pay stub yet and saw this email saying “Oopsies, can you pay us back please”). I might have replied “sure” then paid 'em in a week or two to enjoy the float, but it was the end of the year and that woulda screwed up my W2 so I remitted right away.

On the “should get it right but didn’t” front: I started to work for an accounting firm, 18 years ago. The payroll was largely handled manually. My first paycheck was cut manually. My second one as well. Their version of “direct deposit” was to hand-carry the paychecks down to the bank in the lobby of our office building - dd anywhere else simply did not exist (well, they could mail the paychecks). My second paycheck was issued when I was out of town - my husband had to go by the office building and pick it up for me. No ID was requested of him, he coulda been anyone, but they handed the paycheck right over to him. Expense reimbursements were done manually each month. Someone didn’t feel like signing off on them on time one month so we got our expense reimbursements a week late - when a number of us were on long-term out of town assignment and had major bills to pay as a result. Argh!

In their defense, they did improve things eventually by implementing a new payroll system. Though the paystubs instead of saying, “Federal Tax”, “401(k)” and the like had codes. Want to know what deduction “22” was? Turn the stub over, and see a list of codes so you know that “22” is state income tax. The new payroll system actually was set up to list “state tax” on the front instead of “22” but, see, the old system used to list “22” and someone high up was convinced people liked that, so before implementing the new system, they customized the paystub printing software to print “22”. :rolleyes::smack:

Good news: I talked to my boss and she put through the corrections on the timesheet that was due yesterday. So, assuming nothing else goes wrong, I’ll get the make-up pay on my 2/2 check.

Better news: I got a raise. The company re-jiggered the numbers and my pay scale got bumped up a notch, which means another dollar per hour. This will be retroactive to December 1 so, again assuming nothing else goes wrong, I should see a fairly substantial chunk of change on my check on Friday. Hookers and blow for everyone!

This is just unreal.

I check my bank account online tonight, expecting to see two weeks of pay. Nope. One week. I’m torn between conflicting impulses. Half of me says sue the motherfuckers and the other half of me says go to the payroll department with a machine gun and open fire. Luckily for them I don’t own a machine gun, And I can’t afford to buy a machine gun because the motherfuckers won’t pay me!

So I call my boss, who tells me that “Rhonda” in payroll has left her a voice mail explaining that she’s found one of my time sheets unkeyed. Rhonda will key my time sheet and I’ll get the rest of my pay on February 2. Unacceptable.

I get Rhonda’s number in payroll (long distance, not toll free, costing me money). Rhonda’s out of the office today. So I get to “Karen” in payroll, who doesn’t care. She says she’ll look around for the time sheet.

Over an hour later, I’ve heard nothing. So I call payroll again and get a supervisor, “Cathy.” She tells me I have to call my boss to have her email Cathy with the number of hours I wasn’t paid for, and I’ll get my money maybe today, probably Monday. I call my boss back and she tells me she’ll send the email right away. Of course both weeks of the last pay period had a holiday in them, pay for which was already screwed up, so that necessitates figuring the hours in some non-standard way. I have no confidence that I will be paid today or Monday and that when I finally do get paid it will be for the correct amount.