God has a funny sense of humor

I think there are some times when God has a funny sense of humor. (Or, whatever higher being you prefer to believe in.) Or better yet, I think there are certain things that happen to test our sense of humor.

For example, today God decided to enter me (unwillingly) in a wet t-shirt contest. I was apparently the only contestant.

I walk to work every day. It’s about a half a mile, I guess; Mapquest won’t work on my computer right now. So, as I was walking home this afternoon, it started to rain. Not downpour, not a sprinkle, but that annoying kind of rain that makes you squint to avoid raindrops in your eye. The kind of rain that falls when the sun is still out. Of course, I had a white t-shirt on, and a white bra. So, I walked through two of the busiest intersections of town (the halfway point in my walk) with a see-through shirt on. I am not a non-endowed girl, either. I got the wolf-whistles, the cat-calls, any kind of animalistic outcry for attention that you can think of.

And all I can do, now that it is over, is laugh my ass off.


God once ripped my bikini bottom off when I was swimming in the ocean, and whisked it away with the tide.

I laughed so hard I threw up.

2 weeks ago at Alive After 5 (local outdoor party at our Maritime center) God made a girl stand up on the balcony above the band and throngs of dancers and drinkers, with a teeny tiny
little breezy miniskirt on and no panties…

Was that God?

One of my favorite quotes is from Maji Hildreth, a comedy-writer friend of mine.

“Of course I think God has a sense of humor. Have you seen the size of my butt?”

HA HA! Did you get any cat-calls or whistles? At least you weren’t walking to work. What kind of look do you think Steve the (former?) receptionist would’ve given you? Or the mental patients? Or your secret crushes in the IT department? HUBBA, HUBBA!

Love ya, mean it. :wink:

You’ve foiled me again, sidle. Curse the third shift!

Duh – I just reread your OP and got the answers to my question. I was giggling too hard and was antsy to post and missed it the first time. So, did you gesticulate back at the…erm, hooters and hollerers–a la the big sister in Poltergeist?

There’s no need to bring me into this!

Well, considering my secret crush in the IT department is now single, it may have worked in my favor. :smiley: But alas, I ended up going home and feeling funky.

auntie em, your post made me giggle my ass off. I’m just glad God didn’t decide to whisk away my shirt like they do at most wet t-shirt contests. I REALLY would have gotten some catcalls then!

My girlfriend was diving off the high dive at our very crowded community pool. Her bikini bottoms were held together with plastic rings. The ring broke and the bottoms flew off. Her dive was kind of a “suspended animation” thing. It was a classic!

I know that OP had a lot of words after wet t-shirt contest, I’m just not sure what they were.

Skerri, it’s not like I too wouldn’t have paid a great deal of attention to your dampened halogens as you trod to the enraptured motorist’s delight, but I must admit I’d also have laughed my ass off to see everyone’s windshield wipers immediately go from a “delay” to “full” mode.

God sent one of his heavenly doves in the form of a pigeon, to deposit a little mound of poop on top of my head. So I would look pretty for my job interview. I had great big '80’s hair (it’s o.k. it was the 80’s), so I didn’t feel it.

This must be the same God who keeps overcranking the water pressure on men’s room sinks so that I consistently looked like I’ve piddled on myself.

When I was in high school, I switched from a morning gym class to an afternoon gym class. When i showed up the first day, I discovered that they were in the swimming block. No problem I think, I have my gray nylon shorts I played basketball in. I should have relaixed something when the girls in the pool would giggle when I was near. I get out of the pool to make the horrifying discovery that water turned the shorts invisible, and it was really cold water too :eek:

ARGHH!!! relaixed=realized

Why A Duck, you crack me up. :slight_smile: I thought about putting “wet t-shirt contest” in my title, but decided not to at the last minute.

The best part of the whole experience was that when I was only half a block from my apartment (right where you used to live, pbr) my roommate drove up and asked me if I wanted a ride home. I literally could have spit on my apartment from where she pulled over. Oh, and upon re-checking with Mapquest, it’s a whopping 1.57 miles from my house to my work. Feh. And my mother still says I’m lazy.

Woo! 500 posts, and it only took me a whole year! :smiley:

I’m not convinced that your shirt was invisible. I think you should post pics.

Who is with me on this?