God hates mobile phones

The god in question being Thor. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/5106510.stm

So 4 people in the world have been struck by lightning while on there cell phone, and it is being sold as a new RISK through news agencies. Darn those fear mongers.

Thank God, then.

Maybe it’ll convince the people at my store who don’t put down the @#(*! phone and quit yapping when it’s their turn to start now.

is a little cranky somewhat

Note that the issue isn’t (primarily) that holding a cell phone attracts lightning, is that being struck by lightning while holding one makes things worse. The metal in the hand leads to increased voltage inside the body.

Yep, which makes the fearmongering particularly stupid.

I would hesitate to draw the conclusion that this means that there is a god or that any god that may exist likes or doesn’t like cell phones.

Besides, it’s quite clear that the god that doesn’t like cell phones is Zeus. :smiley: