God Makes them ALL alike?

Two days ago I was asked to babysit a three year old. Well being bored I took him to a neighborhood carnival.

Being in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, I noticed something. Black, white, asian, latino, well dressed, poorly dressed, and whether they had one toy or 10 toys they are all alike.

I mean they all want to go on the same rides, they all don’t want to get off when the ride is done, they all want cotton candy, they all want, well let’s face it everything, they all have attention spans of 10 seconds, and they all have more energy than both their parents combined.

Is this a relatively true observation. Not having kids of my own I never noticed beore.

“It’s a small world. . . .”

Kids don’t seem to recognize that other kids are “different,” whatever the “difference” may be. They think one thing when they see another kid–“Hey! Another person that’s the same size as me! Woohoo!” It really is neat to see little kids gravitate towards each other the way they do. Sure, they may end up arguing over a toy or something, but at least they’re not hating each other for the petty, senseless crap that adults hate each other for.

And they wear diapers longer and turn into teenagers earlier.“Well I didn’t ask to be born.” and similar behavior…

And they get quite smart at one point, yet have no common sense(even up to 14). Someone who can program your VCR does not yet undertstand for instance the volume of liquids convept.

uh…were you under the impression that adults of various races are different?

Do we not all want food and love and sex?

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

Yep, God does make them all alike. Noisy, smelly, and demanding.

Not that I’m biased…

As a youth in Hollis, Queens, I was in the minority by far and I never noticed. Then I moved to Northern Virginia and there was one black girl in the class, and she moved after a month of me being there.

Funny thing is I never noticed. Parents raised us to not even think about things like this, so I didn’t.

Yer pal,