Goddamn you all, I'll probably vote for Obama--and hate it.

I’ve been voting since I was eligible to do so. I voted for McGovern, Carter, Reagan, Mondale, Bush, Perot, Clinton, Bush, Bush and McCain.

And now I have to choose between Obama and Romney.

Thanks for the choices. Thanks a lot.

I don’t like either of them.

Things I support: Gay marriage (I’m straight), legalization of marijuana (I’m very allergic to it), open access to birth control (I’m male), strong national defense (former Army), small government (leave me the hell alone), secure borders (there ought to be some benefits to being a citizen), the 2nd Amendment (yeah, try and take 'em), Social Security/Medicare reform (is my son paying for something he’ll never receive?), health care reform (how much?!) and election reform (stop purchasing elections).

So now I get to choose between a sitting song-and-dance-without-substance president who has decided “Well, I’ll enforce some of the laws,” and a challenger that believes that some guy read some golden plates in a hat, and that you can become a god on your very own world when you die. If he really believes that, I have to question his intellect.

Normally, I don’t care about a person’s religion–but, really, neither of these guys can be very proud of their religious history (see: Rev. Wright).

If Romney is elected then maybe, maybe there might be some kind of movement of legislation through congress–although the Senate would become the obstructionists instead of the House, I imagine. If Obama is re-elected, then we’re stuck with the status quo–and I’m not sure that that is a bad thing seeing as much of what gets through Congress now isn’t too harmful.

So, here I am. A man without a candidate. Maybe Obama is the lesser of two evils. But they both suck.

So you’re a Demapublican? A Republicrat?

Yeah, I guess I am. And, I think most Americans are (maybe not on this board, but overall).

Reprat? Demacan?

Whenever I’ve found a on-line “figure out which person to vote for” quiz I’ve ended up being closest to some random third party candidate.

We need more choices. (That have a chance of winning)

You voted for Bush for a second term. You owe us a lot more than we owe you.

Maybe you should think about staying home. It’s not worth having a stroke over. Turn off the TV or just watch old movies. Put your feet up and contemplate cloud formations for a while.

The public debate and the campaigns will still around when you feel like jumping back in. just sayin’

FTR, I am supporting Gary Johnson.

My vote didn’t matter. I’m from Minnesota.

What? And miss my chance my chance to vote for Michele Bachmann?

[sub] (Not really, she’s not from my district.)[/sub]

What did Obama do wrong about Wright?

Social security, if nothing at all is done, will still be able to pay 75% or what it does now when it breaks down in 30-some years. So that at least, will still be there.

My good man, that’s three strikes. I think perhaps you’re out.

Like Crafter Man, I’m also voting for Gary Johnson. He may not be 100% in agreement with you, but his positions on the issues are well laid out. Take a look and see what you think. http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/issues

If it weren’t for Gary Johnson, I wouldn’t be voting. I absolutely refuse to vote against anyone anymore. If I can’t vote for someone, I don’t vote, regardless of partisan hand-wringing “OMG you’re throwing away your vote!” nonsense. As far as I’m concerned, holding your nose and pulling the lever for someone you still find abhorrent only contributes to the problem, and I refuse to participate in that.

I also have to question the intellect of someone who would belong to that kind of church.

For me, sure. I won’t live that long. For my son…he won’t be eligible for probably another 50 years.

An initial glance at that website proved very interesting.

As I recall, the 75% of current benefits is good indefinitely.

Ah, I looked it up:

Of course, by then, your son will have a robot valet and virtual-reality-super-porn. So, if anything, I’m jealous of him. :smiley:

Is pulling the lever while stamping you feet in a tantrum any better?

As far as the OP is concerned, if he’s pro-military he should vote Obama who has avoided getting us into any nation building scenarios and let the military do what it was designed for: kicking butt. The military has finally had it’s handcuffs taken off and is going after terrorists even if they try and take refuge in Pakistan. Meanwhile the Defense Dept. is looking at the compensation for the grunts actually facing danger rather than the officers in the rear.

The Republican are so used to taking the military and veterans for granted that they fail to do anything other than pay lip service. If you are a defense contractor they’ve got your back though.

SS could easily be funded indefinitely if the cap on payroll taxes were raised. Which party do you think will do that? Personally I’d like Romney to pay a little bit more into the system It’ll help make up for the workers whose pensions were cut while Bain walked away with 300 million dollars.