Goddamned locker-room slobs at the gym

I have this problem at the gym I belong to: After working out, I pack my gym clothes and shoes away, and hit the showers. What do I find on returning to my locker? Some lazy SOB has left his sweaty things sprawled out all over the bench and the floor while he takes his shower. He (it’s more than one but I’ll say “he” for simplicity) can’t be bothered to open his locker, get his gym bag out, and put his stuff in the locker; no, he has to just leave it lying on the floor like a five-year-old kid.

And it’s not as if he’s saving quarters. These are FREE LOCKERS that have electronic combination locks. You enter a four-digit code of your own choosing, and you can unlock and re-lock your locker as many times as you need to. So why can’t people show a little consideration for their fellow members?

Anyone else encounter this type of problem? And I did as the management to post a sign but they haven’t so far.

I think the proper thing to do is to clear all that sweaty laundry into the towel hamper while they are in the shower. Include their street clothes, if possible.

Oh, and make sure to toss your dirty towels in on top, so that the asshole(or assholes) has to wonder for a while where the fuck his clothes are.

You could be nice about it and do the guy a favor by putting his things into an available locker for him (after all, you don’t want his clothes to get stolen, do you?).

And if you forget to let him know which locker they’re in, or what the combination is, well, these things happen. :shrug:


Ah, quitcher bitchin’. We all know you just wanted us to know you’ve been going to the gym 'cause we a bunch of lazy slobs. We’ve noticed the new definition in your abs, we just have mentioned them because we’re hoping you’ll relapse.

My locker room in high school used to be fulla slobs, too. And thieves. Things were usually so hectic in the 5 minutes or so we had to get dressed that some of the sneakier taffers took it upon themselves to use it to ‘liberate’ some of the other classmate’s possessions.

So at least be happy there are no sweaty men putting their hands on your junk.

Next time you go there bring super glue. Super glue just part of the leg of their pants to the floor. Damn why didn’t I think of this stuff in high school?