"Godfather" question: What ever happened to Carlo and Connie's son?

You know, the one baptized, with Michael as godfather, during the “Sicilian Vespers” scene at the end of GF I? He never appears or is even mentioned again – not in GF II, when Connie is embarrassing the family by dating lounge lizards – not even in GF III, when Michael is looking around for an heir and his own son will have none of it; the nearest willing relative he can find is Sonny’s bastard. Connie is still on the scene in GF III, looking out for Michael and counseling him to be even fiercer, but where’s her son?

Haven’t read the book, so I dont’ know if anything is mentioned there.

I seem to remember Connie is scolded for not spending time with her children in GF2, so presumably he was still alive, but not old enough to be an important character in that film.

A lot of stuff happens offscreen between GF2 and GF3, but it is quite plausible that Connie’s son is still alive in GF3 but has distanced himself from the family like Anthony.

I do wonder why they created the character of Vincent in GF3 instead of making him Connie’s son. He’s Mary’s cousin either way. I guess it avoids the “you killed my father” dynamic there would be between Connie’s son and Michael.

Not mentioned in the movies other than perhaps in GF2 when Michael tells her one of her sons was arrested for shoplifting while she was away getting divorced. The little girl who dances with Michael and Mary in GF3 is listed in the credits as Connie’s granddaughter(in real life it was FF Coppola’s granddaughter and thus Italia Shire’s grandniece) so apparently one of her kids reproduced, and since it’s not mentioned otherwise apparently her kids went legit.

For the reason mentioned, this would not have worked, where a bastard nephew was perfect. Connie by GF3 is trying to be one of the people who pull the strings, but to have her own son being advanced would have made her a much more central character and changed the whole dynamic. Michael’s failures are the point of GF3, not successful revenge against him.

Well, regarding his mother… he tried to get out but she kept pulling him back in!

That’s the same reason she sucked at getting rid of Fredo’s body.