Godless Americans March - who's going?

[sub]I’ll just set this one down in IMHO. We’ll see where it ends up…[/sub]

Beelzebubba in this thread, posted a link to the Godless Americans March on Washington, to be held November 2.

Now I don’t usually consider myself a Washington-marchin’, sign-wavin’, policy-protestin’ kinda guy. And I’ve never been personally discriminated against for being an atheist, but that’s at least partially because I tend to keep fairly quiet about it. But looking at all the backlash against this Pledge of Allegiance ruling, I’m surprised to find myself sorely tempted to go.

(Complicating the matter is that it just happens to fall on the day after my birthday, which would probably involve explaining my oddly-timed absence to a number of people who’d really rather not know… aw, what the heck, they’ll live.)

So, maybe it’s a bit early, but are any of the SDMB’s resident godless-folk actually thinking about going? Is the march a good idea? Worth it? Do marches like this ever accomplish anything, tangible or not?

(And how about some suggestions for sign slogans while we’re at it? :smiley: )

Or, (considering I didn’t ask quite enough questions in the OP,) would it be populated mostly by the kind of nutcases Eve mentions here?

I’ll be there.

I’ll be there.

Conservative atheist checking in. I’m certainly thinking about it.

I’m also thinking about it…

I would love to go, but unfortunately, cannot afford to travel all the wya to Washington. I’ll be there in spirit…

I’d say I would be there in spirit, but I don’t believe in spirits.

I love the in-your-face and descriptive title of this movement, though I wonder whether people of faith might find it antagonistic.

It’s on my calendar now and I’ll certainly make an effort to go.

I’ll be a supportive bystander. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I ain’t goin’ on any trips this year, political or otherwise. Heck, I’m even going to miss BotCon again! :frowning:

Were I not 8,000 miles away, I’d join.

I’m going. I live near Philly- any Dopers in the area who want to go, e-mail me, I’d be more than happy to carpool.

I’m seriously thinking about it.

I’m not accurately defined as an atheist, but I might go anyway.

I might go. The National Mall is only a 15-minute Metro ride for me, so what the heck.

You may think me weak-willed or something else to that affect, but I make a daily effort to withold my personal beliefs. Evangelism is what drove me away from organized religion. I don’t go to peoples homes and try to steer them away from their religious beliefs and I certainly don’t want to be subjected to such treatment. Do they come to my home anyway? Yes, they do. Its a simple matter of declining their presence. If different religious organizations wish to march on the capitol, fine. Will it change anyones beliefs? Probably not.
Is the march a good idea/will it accomplish anything?..
If people need to march to defend their atheism, they should march. However, I fear it is exactly that need to defend an ideology (or rather, lack thereof) that spawns reliqious zealotry/evangelism. Take a step back and think about why you want to march. Is it in response to a part of you that remembers every time you were made to feel awkward about your beliefs? As far as bringing about political change-- do you know anyone willing to give up their religious beliefs simply because someone else says the right thing?
Quite honestly, I wasn’t aware of the discrimination brought against atheists by religious government officials that the “March on Washington” site makes reference to.
(And yes, I am aware of the irony presented by my posting this tirade to advance the idea that people shouldn’t force their beliefs on others-- but hey, you read it!) :smiley:

I would love to go, and would happily park my car at someone’s place in Philly/NY/NJ/DE area and ride the rest of the way with them. If anyone says “yeah” then I say “yeah”.

Perhaps a DopeFest is in order? But a politically active one?

While I’m not ‘godless’ per se, I’m willing to stand by my atheist comrades. I may go.

I’m going

I’ll be there.