Godspeed You Black Emperor! -- critique and appreciation thread

I’d like to hear from anyone fortunate enough to see this music live. It seems they’ve played everywhere but here, so it looks like I’ll have to go to them - maybe on a long winter drive through Canada…

But about the musicians. The anthem sounds of Godspeed, You Black Emperor! speak an exact language of rock which I am thankful to experience. They balance warmth and catastrophe with most of their songs, sometimes taking the upper curve and ending with a bright moment. Other than Godspeed, I’ve personally never heard a “song” that resonates so well with the world as I see it, the way many see it: small but here, and making great noises.

Godspeed fans please check in.

I wanted to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor last march but it was 19+ and so was every show after that.

The critics will kiss ass no matter what considering their name and psuedo post-modern image. They’re okay. My favorite song by them is Hungover as the Queen in Maida.

If you like this band, you’ll probably like:
A Silver Mt. Zion, Explosions in the Sky, Manitoba, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Starometska, Tarentel, The Album Leaf, and Yume Bitsu.

I think their songs are unnecessarily long. There isn’t always a coherent theme throughout, so why not have four 5 minute songs rather than a single 20 minute song. However I do enjoy their music in general even if I’m not a huge fan of the whole post-rock thing.

I enjoy them greatly. “Sleep” would be my favorite song by them.

Manitoba? Nothing like Godspeed, as far as I can tell. But Manitoba’s Up In Flames is a truly awesome album.

Thank you for the responses.

I put favoritism into longer music because it feels like an entire story. Most of the best songs, in my opinion, have commit to a weave like Godspeed’s music. It’s romance, tragedy, and lost hope. It says something of it’s own, just like most musical groups do, and I greatly enjoy it.

desapar, thanks for the suggestions. What don’t you like about Godspeed?

It’s not that I don’t like Godspeed, just that many of the songs are startling similar, a bit overrated, and they strike me as one of those too-cool bands (or I’m just bitter)

Gadfly, I wasn’t posting artists resembling Godspeed, I was naming those who fall into similar categories and who would probably be of some interest. It’s difficult to draw the line of what is and what isn’t surrounding these types of music genres.

No genre really. It’s too amalgamized to have much of a convicing label. The only thing to do is identify what it could be similar to.

Bitter towards music that’s disappointing to you?

And BTW, my music preferences are mostly for electronic listening, but I’m not a raver or anything - I like to analyze beat patterns and how they interconnect to the rest of the music. I like to hear what’s been done with it’s elements of mechanical rigidity and sound control.

There hasn’t been a lot I don’t like in some way; I have to give recognition to every moment, but I’ll sustain from hearing music that uses a recycled beat that’s been through too many ways, or a lack of innovation. Alot of Billboard Wonders aren’t really my choices, it tends to be the music with a broader emotional spectrum, such as Muzlimgauze, Woob, The Orb, Aphex Twin, Neko Case (for her strong voice), Boards of Canada, Plastikman - it feels like an exotic course to me.

I’ve heard of Mogwai, but never heard any of their stuff. Any suggestions as to what to check out?

Sigur Ros, now that’s good stuff.

“Katrien” and “tracy” from Young Team

Had the good fortune to see Godspeed live in Tokyo a couple years back. Great show, liked the films as well, all very intense.

However, I found it difficult to listen to their music without the visual performance. There are a lot of bands like that for me.

Are their songs long? Oh yeah. During one song the string section took a break after they finished their part, walked back stage, had a cigarette and a beer, came back out, stretched a bit, warmed up, and then began playing again in time for the big finish.

I know what desapar means about being bitter. I have gotten the impression that Godspeed is one of those critics’ darlings that no one speaks ill of even if they don’t really like them that much, but on the other end of the spectrum you also have the backlash crowd who make it a point notto like them just because everyone else does. I try not to get wrapped up in it and catch myself every time I start to get bitter. I’m a big enough asshole as it is.