Godzilla is Back -- and he's Buff and Toothy

Pictures show that Goszilla has pretty visible “muscle lines” on his chest, suggesting that he’s been lifting weights. The Godzilla in the more recent 2014 Warner Brothers outing, on the other hand, looked kinda zaftig (which prompted one observer to say that “Real Kaiju Have Curves”). He also has LOTS of teeth, sticking out at weird angles. It looks like a throwback to Godzilla’s second movie, Gojira no Gyakushū (released as Gigantis the Fire Monster in the US, and put on video as Godzilla Raids Again), where they clearly put in all the Kaiju Teeth they could get their hands on:



Yeah, he’s been in the gym. Complete body make-over, lots of weight lifting and aerobics (Zuma?). And some clear plastic surgery there, I think he’s been using the same guy Kathy Griffin goes to.

It’s been a long wait. Glad to see the big guy back.

No. 'Zilla