GoFundMe campaign for expenses of living with ALS

I have asked for and received permission from TubaDiva and the mods to post this. Thanks, mods!
I have a previous thread here: Advice on making a GoFundMe successful please?

Two years ago I began having health issues that eventually led to the diagnosis of Bulbar ALS last October. This beast of a disease has robbed me of my speech, my swallowing, my walking. I need assistance bathing. I have a power wheelchair that insurance bought but am stuck at the house with it.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started by my sister to help my daughter take care of me. Funds raised will go toward remodeling a bathroom for disabled/wheelchair accessibility and hopefully to buy a wheelchair-modified van.
The link for the campaign is: Evelyn’s journey with ALS

I will gratefully appreciate any help, either monetary or sharing the campaign to help it get noticed. Thank you!


Best wishes!

Thank you all so much! Hopefully soon we can start bathroom renovations :slight_smile:

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Donated. Best wishes.


Done and bumped. ALS is some bad shit. Hope you can do all the renos you need to. Hugs & best wishes!

Keep bumping the thread so I can donate when I get a job. Best wishes txobbin!

Y’all Dopers are wonderful! Thank you so much, each and every one of you! Not just for the donations but for the hugs and best wishes, your moral support raises my moral, a key component of living with ALS.

Monday we have a someone coming out to give us an estimate on renovating the shower. My sister found a contractor who will work with us on the cost since it is a medical need. We hope to get two quotes, one for tiling in a shower and another using a prefab handicap stall.

What did the contractor say? Did he give a reasonable quote or are you getting additional quotes?

YAY!!! It has begun! An update has been added to the GoFundMepage with a few pictures of the demolition. I will post an update again when it is finished.

What was said to take maybe a week has turned into two weeks already. Part of the delay came from finding water damage that had to be addressed before continuing. Things are picking up speed now, the floor of the shower is being laid today.

A significant portion of the funds raised came from Dopers. I can’t begin to say [SIZE=“6”]THANK YOU[/SIZE] enough!!!

After consulting with a couple of contractors, we found one willing to work with us on the cost, allowing us to buy materials ourselves to save on that markup. Plus, my daughter has some supplies left over from some remodeling done a few years ago that are usable for this project. An indirect savings, since the money was already spent, but a savings now nonetheless.

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! :smiley:

So great to read GOOD news on the Dope! Thanks for letting us help out. :slight_smile:

Great news!

Yes, great news!

Tell us when it is completed.

Bumping, donated. Best wishes!

Txobbin: Did you get it completed yet?