Goin' to France

I’m headed off to the Alps for some snowboarding from the 3rd to the 11th, so y’all won’t see me around for a while (all the MPSIMSer’s are thinking “who the heck is this, anyhow?”). And hey, if anybody has some advice about the trip, let me know; I’ve been to France once before when I was 12, but never got outside Paris. This time I’m going to Tignes.

Tignes, eh? Fancy place… bring your plastic money, I’d say. I just got back from a ski trip to Les Menuires myself… well, no vital information is necessary, really.

Although, surprisingly, the French seem to be quite cooperative all of a sudden: some of them even speak English now, go figure. This was NOT the case when I was there about 4 years ago.

If you travel by car, make sure it has either winter tyres or snow chains. Otherwise, you’re violating the law when you drive up to Tignes, even in fair weather. 6 French Francs is slightly less than 1 dollar US.

Break-a-leg :wink:

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Be sure to check out the lovely French Poetry thread here in MPSIMS so you can impress the locals with such culture! And have fun; it sounds like a great time.

(all the MPSIMSer’s are thinking “who the heck is this, anyhow?”)[/qoute]

Are you kidding? You’re one of the MPSIMS’ folk heroes!! We admire you and your Great Debating Talents from afar. (OK I will shut up before I start sounding like a cyber stalker.)
Be Safe! :slight_smile:


Coldfire–have you been to Tignes? If so, how was the skiing?

MPSIMS’ folk hero, hmm? :slight_smile: I’m flattered. I always figured you guys didn’t pay much attention to our little forum. I don’t have much time to check MPSIMS, so I’m always behind on the gossip and new screen names and such. I’d try out the French poetry but I’m sure I would butcher the language so badly I’d get banned from France for life for gross insult.

I only have one thing to say to you. PLEASE take me with you sob

I’ve learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it.

Pat: Gaudere snowboarding? Good heavens, what did she look like?

Mike: Well…you know what Gaudere looks like not snowboarding…

Good luck on the slopes, and good luck getting better information here than I did when I asked my Sicily questions!


Having never been to France, I have no advice besides: have a great time! :slight_smile:

The only advice I have is to try to avoid piercing anything else while you’re there. :wink:

I see London, I see France…

woops! Keep those snowpants on! Enjoy!

I thought all the Great Debaters knew that (just about) all the MPSIMSers lurk in GD constantly, but rarely have the courage or the eloquence to post. Dare we dream of a time to come…

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And just remember that the Lord Alps those who Alp themselves.

::Waggles greasepainted eyebrows::

Gaudere: Have a great time! The best all purpose French word is “D’accord”, meaning “OK”, and with your smile, it’ll do fine, I imagine.

BTW, I’ve heard the French are a peaceful, happy people…

Well, depending on what time you leave today, you may not see this in time, but I did have one more piece of advice:

Have fun!