Going on an aircraft carrier!

This is so cool that I have tell anyone who will listen. I’m going to be flown out to an aircraft carrier this weekend!
Some key sources involved in the research for my next book have finagled me a trip to an active duty carrier. I go to Norfolk on Saturday and then they fly me out to the Harry S. Truman, where I’ll be a guest of the captain for two full days! I’ll be flown out on a small turboprop cargo plane, so we’ll get to do that “controlled crash” landing on the carrier deck.
It’s such a terrific opportunity. Normally there’s a waiting list of 18 months to even be considered for such a thing, but my contacts have some major pull.
Can you tell I’m excited? Professionally, it’s a tremendous research opportunity. And personally, this is like fulfilling a childhood fantasy.
Curious note: When I tell any guy about this, they always get extremely envious and ask if they can tag along with me. When I tell a gal about it, they always say, “Hmmm, sounds kinda dangerous.” They just don’t understand!
– Greg, Atlanta

Wooo. I’m really impressed! An aircraft carrier, really? With planes and all?
Gosh, I’m so freakin’ envious I could puke.

Let me guess… subs?
Never takes long for someone to piss on your parade.
– Greg, Atlanta

Well damn!!

I’m envious. Can I tag along?

peas on earth


Nah. He works on the Eisenhower.


Greg, I hate your guts.

If there was any justice in this world, I’d be going instead of you. Dammit!

Have a safe journey and tell us how it goes. :slight_smile:

This space for rent.

Greg, awesome! I’m envious and would like to tag along! Turboprop?? Tell them you want to fly in an F-14, dammit! (Be sure to bring a plastic-lined paper bag in that event.)

Am I allowed to plug here? I guess Euty will delete it if I’m out of line. Anyway, I just finished reading Greg’s first book, Lay This Body Down. Excellent work although the content will piss you off. See the publisher’s summary at www.bn.com for more info.

ChiefScott, that was entirely uncalled for. Not everyone takes the opportunity to visit an aircraft carrier for granted.

Dang Greg, that’s fantastic, that’s got Coldfire’s drive in a Testarossa beat hands down too. Hope the weather’s good, not like trying to land on a heaving oil slick in a storm or anything like I read; if that has put you off, call me, I’ll cover for you.

Enjoy your flight! I’ve been on several submarines and an aircraft carrier as a part of a job I used to have.

I was on the Roosevelt for a couple days back in 1992; It was in port though and I didn’t get to fly on board.

You’ll find some damned intelligent people on board; enlisted, officers, all of them.

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What kind of plane are they flying you in on? A Grumman Greyhound?

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Aircraft carriers are fun. Got to be on the Constellation on the last leg of her last deployment in '97. Was aboard for a TigerCruise when she went from Seattle to San Diego. My brother was an S-3B Viking pilot with the Red Griffins (VS-38) at the time, he’s now stationed at Pax River. Was a blast.

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I apologize for the curt come back earlier. I’ve been stationed on the USS Eisenhower for nearly a year and we’ve been underway for the last 5 1/2 weeks.
We pull in tomorrow. Yee-Haa!
Maybe I should start a thread “Getting off an aircraft carrier!”

Chief Scott—

Just the “getting off” part would probably explain it all.