Going out alone...

I’m going out alone tonight so if any (21+) dopers want to meet up, I’ll be at Backstreet Cafe after 8 or so. I’ll be wearing a gray shirt and black pants. 25 M by the way.

I’d wager there are a few hundred “Backstreet Cafe”'s worldwide. Care to be more specific?

I’d hate to drive all the way down to Cape May just to find I’m at the wrong place. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that.

In my haste I forgot to mention that it was the Backstreet in Mentor, OH (suburb of Cleveland).

Mentor on the Lake, actually, behind Giant Eagle off of Andrew’s road…

BioHazard – I’m guessing “25M” is the prize money, in dollars, to the first person to find you? If so, I’ll hop in the car right now.

Hal Briston – I love Cape May. You set up the (weekend) microdope and I’ll be there.

Geez, twicks, you barely get your cast off and already you’re going out carousing?!?!?!