Going to Chicago for the Cubs vs Yankees

Mr. zeldarae and I will be in Chicago June 5 thru June 9. We need some suggestions of interesting and cheap things to do.

We are going because his grandfather, Tommy Henrich, is going to be interviewed by ESPN Classic for the occasion of this being the first times the Cubs have played the Yankees since 1938. Grandpa Tommy is apparently the only living player from that Yankees team (turned 93 this past February). Kinda cool, huh? Anyway, Grandpa and Grandma won’t be flying in until Satruday, so we were looking for things to do the two days before that. I knew this was the best place to ask.

I thank you in advance.:slight_smile:

As an aside, I can be checked as luggage and could probably fit into a large backpack to be carried into Wrigley. How about it?

I’m little, too. But I’m the world’s biggest CUBBIES fan!! Sam-mee!