Going to Iraq. What movies should I bring?

Starting a new adventure soon. Something with detainees, which should be pretty interesting seeing What’s Really Up with all that. Starting that in a short bit, but the big question is what movies to bring with me. I got nearly-but-not-quite a hundred; when I told a Corpsman (and Nasiriyah vet) I work with he said that’s good enough to last me… “about a month.” What type of movies are good for this? I imagine more B level movies with high rewatchability value than an artistically enriching Oscar fare. So, Tommy Boy just might beat There Will Be Blood. Anyone got any recommendations?

Awhile back I corresponded with a chaplain who was in charge of entertainment for his troops. You’re right – he asked for B movies. Comedies, thrillers, horror, adventure – all the Die Hards, Terminators, Predators, Aliens, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, From Dusk til Dawn, etc. John Candy, David Spade, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler. He said it didn’t matter that everyone had seen them a gazillion times – they liked saying the lines along with the actors. He was fine with new releases too – those were especially appreciated. Just no Gosford Park or Nanny Diaries.

Same with books, but with the addition of romance novels, especially bodice rippers. He said the female soldiers liked them.

I spent two years in Iraq. For my own tastes, I liked a mix, comedies and drama. I really liked having multiple seasons of TV shows on DVD. If you do that, you can have TV night where you and your friends watch Sopranos or whatever. Also bring lots of books, again a mix. I liked having all 20 books from the Patrick O’brian naval series. Good luck. Plus if you are about to spend two years away from your wife, some kind of videos to pass the time, might be in order.

Spent about nine months total there: Anchorman is a good bet. Basically, repeatable movies with lines you can quote with your friends.

Also, like the above poster said, tv seasons. Especially if you haven’t seen them yet. I watched the first two seasons of “CSI” one trip (it actually took me four days).

Another guy I work with (another Corpsman who spent three years on-and-off around Fallujah) said he and the company of Marines he was with got really, really into Gilmore Girls over there.

It’s amazing what you get in to. On AFN they showed an old season of “Beauty and the Geek” and every Saturday at 1700 all the seats around the tv would be taken.

Is it weird I miss that?

3 off the top of my head…

The Big Lebowski - though every other person over there will probably already have that one, but just in case.

Used Cars - on the other hand, you might be the only one with this one, and believe me, you will be worshiped for bringing it in short order. You will seriously be The Man.

The Princess Bride - maybe? It’s usually appreciated by both men and women.

Going along with the idea of TV series:

The Shield: That show will keep you glued to your seat and want to watch every season, back to back, and pissed off your body needs food and sleep - otherwise you would watch them all in one sitting.

Dexter: Same as above.

The Wire: Ditto.

BTW, just a thought, but if you have time, you might want to consider contacting someone at those studios and tell them you are taking these to Iraq. I used to work at a major film studio, and they might be willing to cut you a deal, or maybe even gift you with the full season sets. Doesn’t hurt to ask. (And despite certain political party slurs about celebrities, many in Hollywood actually do support the troops, even if they don’t support the war, and might be more than happy to help out!)

Natural Born Killers. Has some great music from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on the soundtrack… a very special type of sufi devotional.

That’s my talisman for you, take care and be saf3e.

I also really like the older National Lampoon movies to forget about things and just laugh (NL’s Vacation, Lemmings, etc.).
Or maybe I just like that '80’s NL & SNL incestuous movie fest featuring Chase, Belushi, Candy, and Akroyd. Spys like us, Neighbors, to Uncle Buck.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the culmination and end of that era.

Don’t forget about Blues Brothers and the Jerk…

I just want to say be safe over there bro.

Perhaps some old Eastwood movies, western and WW2? If it were me there’s three movies that are certain picks; D.O.A., Animal House and Van Wilder. Cheesy fun movies with lots of quotable material.