Going to Mexico next month. Any way to find out if the water tends to be rough or smooth?

So we booked a trip to the Now Jade Riviera resort south of Cancun. Never been to that stretch of coast and everyone is wondering if it’s generally smooth or rough water. No idea how to find out. Is there some equivalent to a beach or surf report in Mexico? Any help would be appreciated.

From this, it looks like August is the calmest month, with winds averaging around 6 mph and mostly from the east (on-shore). Of course, local conditions could affect waves.


Here’s another site:

I have to say that I’ve seen big rough waves along that coast, at Playa del Carmen and Xcaret, but not so rough that it was dangerous to go in the water.

I’ll suggest the forum over at Trip Advisor. I’ve often found locals as active members/contributors as well as people who vacation at the same resorts or area year after year and would know that type of info.

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