Going to Puerto Rico (Rincon) for New Years... tips and advice?

Our first trip to PR. We’ll be staying in an AirBnB. We’re really excited. We like just about any activity, though snorkeling/diving is difficult (not impossible) because of my glasses (I have difficulty with contacts). We love food of all types. We’re flying into San Juan, and I wasn’t able to find decent-looking transportation online to Rincon, so I’m assuming we’ll have to rent a car.

Any advice? What’s it like to drive in PR? Anything to worry about? Anything we absolutely must do or eat?

Driving in San Juan is insane. Many roads are narrow and/or one way, and people drive like maniacs. Turn signals are for gringos and foreigners.

There are públicos, long distance buses, but it may take forever to travel that way.

It might be worth it to see if you can take a small plane to Mayagüez and drive from there to avoid the San Juan mess, unless you want to see Old San Juan.