Going to see Robert Earl Keen at the rodeo tomorrow

I am very excited. I mentioned to my mom that we wanted to go to the rodeo, and she shows up with tickets to the very best night! (Good seats, too!)

Not only do we get to show the kids what their daddy used to do (bull riding), but we get to see Robert Earl Keen!

Anybody else a fan of his?

Don’t forget the “B - double E - double R - U - N, beerrun” beforehand.

One of my fondest memories from building Bonfire at A&M was late one night when we were working on Stack. Robert Earl came by with his guitar and sang Copenhagen over the P.A. system. Whoooop!

Every spring he does a big concert in Fort Worth that my friends and I have gone to the past few years. It is such a blast!

I’ve seen him before at a smaller setting. Funny stuff, but not my thing. Plus, I always get him confused with Pat Green.

Does anyone outside of Texas REALLY know who he is? :slight_smile:
FYI- My rodeo trips this year are Bon Jovi and Alabama.

I have seen him play 5 or 6 times and he is great. I saw him at a small venue in Denton which was great because he did some story telling. His story telling is one of the best things about him. I also saw him play at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. That must have been a big deal for him, opening for Willie Nelson and playing after Jerry Jeff Walker, he looked like a nervous little kid for the first song. His band are very talented musicians, although I don’t think Brian Duckworth, his fiddle player, is with them anymore. I think REK said he had gotten real sick.

i live in dc… grew up in north carolina… i have seen him play several times. probably seen him play 4 or 5 times at ziggys in winston. it is always fun to see the crowds at those things.

I’ve seen him a few times (in Maryland, Virginia, and Nevada). I really enjoy his shows, and I think he comes across much better live than on a record.

Funny how a fellow Texas can see that thread and know you’re in Houston without even looking.

Mom got drunk
And Dad got drunk
At our Christmas party

Gotta love REK. I know a woman in Charlotte, NC (mother-in-law of a friend, 60-ish) who’ll drive up to 3 hours to see a show any time he’s within range.

Fellow Texan. God I can’t type this afternoon.

Big fan. I’ve seen him a couple of times (including his show with Jerry Jeff and Willie at the AAC – although I doubt my seats were as good as TexasPlayboy since I was in the very last row). Once, while in Austin, I went to his show, and went home with a girl afterwards. My guy friends weren’t ready to call it a night, so they went bar hopping . . . and happened to randomly run into REK. They drank beers and traded stories with the guy for the next 2 hours.

One of the few times I was disappointed to hook up.

What do you mean outside of Texas? Is there such a place???

We just got back. I kinda was hoping he’d play Fightin Texas Aggie, but he didn’t. Oh well, we had a GREAT TIME!! :slight_smile:

“Man, I haven’t had a Schlitz beer since elementary school…”
I love Robert Earl Keen!!! We danced to “Feelin’ Good Again” as our first wedding dance, and later, “Gringo Honeymoon.”
We’ve only been able to see him in concert once, before we were dating–his music was a big part of our “finding” each other. Someday we’ll make it to Austin and see him in a small venue, as he doesn’t seem to get out here much.
When we were on our little gringo honeymoon in the Yucatan, we met another couple, and as soon as we heard their accents we asked them if they liked Robert Earl Keen…and that’s about as obsessive as we get about him: I went to his official website, and some of those registered members worried me. :dubious: He’s a big star, big star. :stuck_out_tongue: