going to the bathroom together...

Why in the world do girls never go to the bathroom by themselves?!?!?!?!?! :confused: anyone know?

This seems destined for another forum…

This is precisely the kind of question that girls wonders when they go to the bathroom together. And yes this should be in MPSIMS.

This is an exaggeration and you know it. Most women go to the bathroom alone most of the time.

But the real secret reason why women sometimes go to the bathroom in groups is because we’re afraid of Hanako-san. Or else it’s because you often have to wait so long to get a stall in public women’s restrooms that it’s good to bring a friend. One or the other.

they travel in packs because they TALK - about everything - including whether or not you’re going to get any, and, if so, in what timeframe.

now you know :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but the idea of pissing in front of someone you know…it’s so…passe.

Speaking as a girl, I think I’d rather go by myself. :slight_smile:

I thought this thread was going to be about couples who go to the bathroom together. I used to know a pair like that…she would hold his hands and stare lovingly into his eyes while he pinched a loaf.

Gross. Carry on.

Did she give blumpkins, too??


They borrow make-up from each other and give hair critiques. And talk about getting lucky. Or how to ditch a crappy date. Or borrow tampons.

The Love Toilet.

Actually, it’s just the best place to make fun of men who are ALL lazy, selfish pigs.


There was a tour of homes in my area, that gave the public a chance to look at new, expensive, homes. In one of them, the master bathroom had a shower designed to be used by a couple.

I thought it was the coolest shower ever.

Uhm…I’m not a girl, so I have no clue re: the OP. I’ve allways chalked it down to female being more of a talkitive, social, stereotype than male.


The locks to bathroom stalls are often broken, so it’s nice to have a friend standing guard for you; as well as having someone passing you some tp because no one working wherever has gotten a chance to change the roll, and you didn’t notice until your pants were puddled around your ankles. And, of course, we have to talk about what an idiot <her mom/ your friend/you/the waiter> is being, and we don’t want to say it in front of the person because they’d probably take it the right way.

To fight off the ninjas, of course.

That, and the remote for the big screen TV is always on the other side of the room, and it’s such a pain getting out of the hot tub to get it …

I must be a guy.

Hmm - what are we all DOING in there?

I’ll tell ya, but you have to promise not to ever ever ever tell ANYONE else - it’s straight from the “Chick Manual”, page 32.



Remember, you promised to never ever tell…

[Dave Barry]We’re making pasta.[/Dave Barry] :rolleyes:

bella you hit it right on the head. Thanks!

So we don’t have to use the mens on our own when the queue for the ladies is a mile long.