Going to the Movies Alone

Do you? I wouldn’t say I prefer going by myslef to the movies, but I certainly don’t mind it. If there is a movie I want to see and I haven’t got plans to see it with friends then I have no qualms about going by myself. But it seems some folks just won’t do it. Is it weird to sit by yourself at a theater? When I walk in and sit down by myself is it like the dinner scene for “The Lonely Guy”?

I like to go to thought provoking or introspective sorts of movies alone; romantic or scary movies with a “date”; action or comedy with a group of friends.

I prefer seeing movies alone. At first I wasn’t comfortable, but now I prefer it. I can sit where I want. I don’t have to answer any questions. I get both armrests. I usually go to the matinees, though, so there isn’t much social stigma attached.

I haven’t done it in a while (haven’t had time for any movie visits lately, solo or otherwise), but I’ve done it a few times in the past. I thought it was fun in a different sort of way than going with someone. I don’t know quite how to explain why that is, though. (The last movie I saw alone in a theater was “The People Vs. Larry Flint,” so yes, it has been a while.)

I’m the same way with a few other activities too. I enjoy playing pool, golfing, or watching sports, for example, with other people, but somehow I also like doing those things alone sometimes. I used to feel weird about doing things alone, but I don’t anymore. (In fact, I remember in college that I wouldn’t go to the dining hall and eat if I was by myself. That somehow seemed weird to me, to eat alone. Now I have absolutely no problem with it, though again, being married now, it doesn’t tend to happen much anymore anyway, which is also fine.)

In short, company is good to have. No company is also good to have.

I will go to a movie solo from time to time. It does feel a little weird sitting and waiting for the movie to start.

Once the movie starts I tend to get wrapped up in the movie and forget that people are pointing at me and wispering about what a loser I must be to go to a movie alone.

I’ve done it, and I like it. I sometimes have to wait until my husband gets off work downtown, and many times I don’t have anything to do. I’ve used that time to see movies I know he has no interest in (i.e. Bridget Jones’s Diary and Moulin Rouge).

If I didn’t go to the movies alone, I wouldn’t get to see many films on a theatre screen.

The first time I went to a movie alone, it seemed weird. Then I thought to myself, “You don’t talk to people during a movie, you’re just going to enjoy the experience.” So, why not just go to whatever movie you want to see without waiting to see if you can find someone to go with you?

I go to movies (mainly comedy ones) by myself the majority of the time, perhaps it’s because I like to hoard all the popcorn/snacks/etc.

Doesn’t matter to me either way–I’ve gone to lots of movies alone. I’ve also gone to lots of movies with friends. The only difference with having friends around is that the wait before is slightly less dull.

Oh, and with friends around you can’t get away with screaming like a pussy during scary movies. :smiley:

I’ve done this a lot. Helps if you take a book or magazine to read before the movie starts… I don’t think anyone’s ever said anything to me about it, even on Friday or Saturday nights. And if someone thinks I’m a loser for going alone, I couldn’t care less.

I don’t mind going to a movie alone, it’s the leaving alone that feels weird. No one to talk to, bitch about how bad it was, or swap ideas on what the director meant by such and such.

I have gone alone several times recently, i don’t know that many people in St. Louis, and the ones i do wouldn’t go to some of the movies i watch if i force them at gunpoint. i am the only guy i know who went to see Moulin Rouge in the theater, i also saw the Heist alone, and will proably see Riding in Cars with Boys by myself as well,. I did see Iron Monkey alone, but my friends were all out of town, and i wanted to see it the first night in hopes it would beat out Corkey Romano in sales(it didn’t). I don’t really care what other people think, they can all go smurf themselves if they don’t like me doing stuff alone.

It depends on a lot of things with me: my mood, the movie, and the day I want to see the movie. If it’s a Friday or Saturday and I must see the movie (like a movie I’ve been waiting months for which come out on Fridays) then I see it with a friend because the theater is soooo crowded.

But I went through at least six months where every movie I saw was with a friend. Finally I was like, “Enough!” and went by myself for a while.

I agree I miss having someone to talk with about the movie afterwards if I go alone, but on those occasions I just run home and log on to SDMB or another site to find someone else that has seen it!

The last movie I went to by myself was Planet of the Apes this summer. I was so disappointed I have not been back to the theatre since! There really hasn’t been anything worth traipsing to the movies lately either solo or with somebody anyway.

It doesn’t bother me a bit to go alone, I’ve done it lots of times. I’d rather go alone than with most of the people I know.

My dad is such a movie fan that he probably sees four movies a week, and has done for years. He usually goes by himself, too. (We live in different cities, or maybe we’d go together more often.)

I don’t mind going alone to anything I want to see. I mean, sure, if there’s good company available, I’d prefer it, but if not… no problem. But I’m aware many people think it’s just toooooo sad to sit there on your own. I guess it’s all down to what you’re used to. I spend a lot of time on my own, but I don’t feel lonely, because I don’t have any expectation of it being any different… and in many ways it kind of suits me. But then again, seeing a movie with my girlfriend or other friends is great too.

One thing I’ve never done, though, is go to a restaurant alone. For some reason, that seems ‘different’, and I won’t do it.

Alot of the time probably 99 of 100 times for the reasons of:

you can watch what you want

both arm rests

choose where you sit

nobody tugging your arm every 5 minuites asking say weren’t they in this so so film?

first time it did feel odd since i’d watched this comedy sketch about loneliness and thought it was funny even though
it was rather tragic , however i won’t go to a cinema alone in London or Friday nights , you always get these people who think you are some sort of loser and make fun of you which annoys me , but then i guess day time films are 50% cheaper to go to + you can stay all day , at night they clean up the trash between each show and kick you out , so its good for sleep too sometimes

A lot of people confuse loneliness and solitude. People are funny critters, I like them.

No problem going to see a movie alone here. If only there were better ones released this past year.