Going without underwear, why "commando"?

Whenever there’s a thread about underwear, there’s always a few people who say they “go commando”, or without underwear. (I think it feels good myself, but I rarely do it as I like to wear things more than once.)

But how did this practice come to be called “going commando”?

Because, underwear is just one more layer of clothing that can trap bacterea, when going through, say, a swamp.

From wikipedia

I’ve also heard the practice refered to as “free-dogging”.

I have to start remembering to check Wiki.

Aw…there’s a bunch of these threads already Spectre, but it all comes down to having ready access to your k-bar.

Colibri’s Wikipedia link has an important element - Friends. How many people had heard this expression prior to the relevant episode?

I got into this sartorial habit when I was in Special Forces. We all went “commando”. Perhaps that was the origin, I dunno. It was far more comfortable in “tropical climes”. I’ve never seen the need to break the habit since. (perhaps TMI)

or “bare balls”

Also “Freeballing.”

I (we) have always called the practice “free bagging”. I can remember the term back to the hippy days. I first heard it called “going commando” right here. I’ve lived a protected life, I guess.
It used to be a turn-on, sometimes. Now it’s just more comfortable. Gettin’ old. :wink: