Golden Hour photography

Is there any difference in the quality of light between morning Golden Hour and evening Golden Hour?

I’ve found that the morning light tends to be more yellow, while evenings trend more red.

In my area the “gold” of the golden light is stronger in the evening. The light also seems softer in the morning and more harsh in the evening.

It’ll probably depend on what the conditions are like to your east and west. Are you next to an ocean, for instance?

Nope. NYC.

<Looks at map. Scratches head>

Isn’t New York City next to an ocean? Close enough to affect the light, that is, as opposed to, say, *Kansas *City.

Waxing nostalgic about a NYC already gone in the 1960’s, John Cheever describes river light reflecting into people’s apartments. He doesn’t say which river, or if it was only one of them.

Evening golden hour here in the east coast of Australia is often spectacular because there’s a desert to our west. I’ve never seen more spectacular sunsets.

Here’s a typical Melbourne sunset, taken by my friend John.

I really like afternoon “lemon-light,” thin but delineated.

I’m an hour on the subway away from the ocean. I assumed that meant I was too far away for it to have an effect.