Golden Oldies radio playlist

On another thread some young whippersnappers said they had never heard of “Band of Gold” by Freida Payne. As anyone who has ever been subjected to golden oldies radio station can tell you, that is one of the 50 songs, no more and no less, that each such station is required by law to play.

So, I’ll use that as number 1. What others can you suggest? One entry per person.

See the “Classic Rock Radio Playlist” thread as well.

And this is also headed to IMHO.

“Brandy” by Looking Glass. I believe that its copyright holder is holding hostage the daughters of every oldies progam director so it gets played at least once a day for the past thirty years.

They don’t play “Western Union” enough, even though aha makes me sick because he eats in the john.

The Association – Cherish

Mrs. Kunilou and I never fail to marvel that we used to consider that to be a great love song (see sig)

I Heard it Through the Grapevine. Not the Gladys Night version, the Marvin Gaye version.

Got to include “In The Still of the Night” by the 5 Satins

I don’t know the artists to some, but…

Under the Boardwalk
99 Tears – ? & the Mysterions (I think)
Love Potion #9

And I’ll let you pick the 3 Beach Boys songs we’ll be hearing.