Golf Ball Action

First of all…I read the “Read this first msg”…The Constitution is shorter! What happened to the only 1 rule “Don’t be a jerk”… Honestly I thought that was enough. :confused:

Golf Ball Memory:
3 of us kids (in the 60’s) were sitting in a outdoor foyer small area with a fence of sorts running out from one side. We wondered…what would happen and what WAS in that golf ball anyway…

Sliced that puppy part open… Sky rockets in Flight!! :eek: Imagine the ball “Men in Black’s” Will Smith let loose in the Control room…in a broom closet… Yep! Will never forget that one. We ducked, dove and crashed and burned! The fence and a cinderblock holed front kept that thing humming for 5 solid minutes. We got out of there eventually and watched it. Rubber bands letting loose like a mother! It blew the cover. Don’t remember the core though… :dubious: I know we didn’t taste anything. Joyce :slight_smile:


I was an expert at cutting open my Dad’s old golf balls when I was a kid. Some had a solid rubber center, some had a liquid filled center.
It was always fun watching those suckers take off though!

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Ancient golf balls were alleged filled with chopped feathers, then guttapercha. Guttapercha is simply natural latex rubber. The dimpled ball, counter-intuitively, flies faster and farther than a smooth ball. I keep looking for a dimpled baseball bat.

Clarification: gutta-percha is made from a latex, but from a different species from rubber latex.