Golf in December - Las Vegas?

I’m looking at booking a long weekend in early December to play a bunch of golf. I’d kind of like to go to Vegas for the non-golf activities, but I’m wondering if it’s warm enough for comfortable golf. One site reported the average daily temp as 45 degrees, which is not all that much warmer than Montana.

Doper golfers, any thoughts?

I’m not a golfer, but I am a frequent Vegas traveller. ‘45 degrees’ sounds awfully low. I think you might be looking at the average mean temp. on that site, which is a pretty important distinction, since, it being a desert, the difference between the day’s high and the day’s low can be pretty wide. According to, the average high in Vegas for early December is in the low 60’s. Much nicer for playing golf. Unless you’re one of those insane people who plays golf at 5am. :wink:

Can’t comment on Vegas weather, but how 'bout Scottsdale or Phoenix for some winter golf. The SO and I are seriously thinking about a golf that way in Jan-Feb. One of many sites.